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There are a few changes on the latest PTR Build 24829 for Professions.




With Patch 7.3 we will get two new shoulder enchants on Argus. You all know the Boon of the Blood Hunter for Blood of Sargeras. For Argus this enchant ist called Boon of the Lightbearer.

This item is sold by Jaelaana on the Vindikaar. You have to be Revered with the Army of the Light.

If the enchant is on your shoulders you are able to get Light´s Fortune from looting NPCs on Argus and maybe Broken Shore.

"Contains Primal Sargerite". Primal Sargerite is used for a few new Profession Items and Primal Obliterum.

Second new enchant: Boon of the Steadfast

This item is sold by "Toraan" on the Vindikaar. You have to be Revered with the Argussian Reach.

If the enchant is on your shoulders you are able to get Argunite Cluster from looting NPCs on Argus and maybe Broken Shore.

"Contains Veiled Argunite" With this currency you are able to by relicts and gear tokens (iLvL 910) on the Vindikaar from Thaumaturg Vashreen.

A few days ago we talked on Twitch about the fact that there are still no Collectors Gloves or Mining Pick´s in Legion. Will they come again?

Here is the answer! Yes ! The added the Krokul ining Pick with the latest build 24727 on PTR.

Pickup: Allows faster mining on the Broken Isles and Argus. Does not need to be equipped.

If you want to buy the Pick you need to be Honored with the Argussian Reach.


The next big Content Patch 7.3 brings numerous new Mounts into the game. There will be also a new Mount from the Darkmoon Faire sold by Lhara on the Island.

The price for the Darkmoon Dirigible will be 1.000 Darkmoon Prize Ticket

This is a huge amount of Tickets. One Problem is, that we are only able to get about 280 Tickets every Month.

I thought the Lightforged Warframe is nice but as Goblin the Darkmoon Dirigible is prefect for me. I think many others think so too.

How to make Profit out of it?

As you know, there are a few Darkmoon Quest items that we are able to trade and to sell on the auction house.

You can turn in these Quests  whenever the Darkmoon Fair is in town. As a reward you receive 5-10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets  each Quest. The quest can only be turned in once per Darkmoon Faire. You can certainly collect more of these, however if you've turned in for the current faire, you'll have to wait till it's next in town.

How do I get those Items if i want to farm them?

In order to be eligible to loot this, you must have the  Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in your inventory - which can be obtained in one of two ways:

At the moment only a small group knows that there will be a new Mount from the Faire. After Patch release all people recognize that they need 1.000 Darkmoon Prize Tickets .

At this point we are going to make money with our cheap flipped Quest Items. I think there will be a huge inquiry because buying items from the auction house is a fast and easy way to get those Darkmoon Prize Tickets !

Today (01.08.2017) we dont know when Patch 7.3 hits but i think the time is now to flip these Items cheap. Good Luck

Info: This Guide is based on speculations and could not work for everyone. No Risk no Fun 😀

With the last Patch (24651) on PTR, 16 new pets were added to the game. These pets will drop in Dragonsoul, Firelands, Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent and The Bastion of Twighlight.

This means we should farm Cata-Raids with Patch 7.3 again.

These pets are part of the New Achievement: Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm


While certain events it is possible to level your Charakter faster. One of them are the New Legion Invasions on the Broken Isles.

There are Invasions every 12 hours 30 minutes for 6 hours. When an invasion comes up, you can do all of the invasion world quests that pop up for that zone. Normaly you have to be Level 110 for Worldquest but here you are able to finish them with Charakters < 110.

You get around 70-80% of a level per invasion! With flying this will be done in minutes!

If you want to know when the next Invasion is UP i recommend this side:

We know that with Patch 7.2 the Obliterum Forge will be unlocked for all Level 110 Players. There is only one Quest left called "Firing Up the Forge". You dont have to do it for the Unlock but you will get a free Obliterum.

It only works if you haven´t done the Quest before Patch 7.2 and you are Level 110!

Use the Obliterum Forge to obliterate Archmage Karlain's Imbued Silkweave Robes.

Provided item:

Archmage Karlain's Imbued Silkweave Robe

The only thing we have to do is to smelt the Item in our new Obliterum Forge. As a result we get 100 Obliterum Ash = 1 Obliterum for free.

Thanks Blizzard for this little gift. Its only 1.000-2.000 Gold but Gold is Gold 😀

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