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While certain events it is possible to level your Charakter faster. One of them are the New Legion Invasions on the Broken Isles.

There are Invasions every 12 hours 30 minutes for 6 hours. When an invasion comes up, you can do all of the invasion world quests that pop up for that zone. Normaly you have to be Level 110 for Worldquest but here you are able to finish them with Charakters < 110.

You get around 70-80% of a level per invasion! With flying this will be done in minutes!

If you want to know when the next Invasion is UP i recommend this side:

We know that with Patch 7.2 the Obliterum Forge will be unlocked for all Level 110 Players. There is only one Quest left called "Firing Up the Forge". You dont have to do it for the Unlock but you will get a free Obliterum.

It only works if you haven´t done the Quest before Patch 7.2 and you are Level 110!

Use the Obliterum Forge to obliterate Archmage Karlain's Imbued Silkweave Robes.

Provided item:

Archmage Karlain's Imbued Silkweave Robe

The only thing we have to do is to smelt the Item in our new Obliterum Forge. As a result we get 100 Obliterum Ash = 1 Obliterum for free.

Thanks Blizzard for this little gift. Its only 1.000-2.000 Gold but Gold is Gold 😀

There  are a few new Achievements with Patch 7.2. One of them is the  Azeroth's Next Top Model .

"Unlock a class armor set from 10 different Raid tiers or PvP seasons"

Recolor Sets will not be counted for this Achievement:

Here you can see all single Achievement for the  Azeroth's Next Top Model. After collecting 10 of them your reward will be the Titel: Stylist                


All Transmog Farmers know the problem, that some classes are faster than the others. What many do not know is,  that there is a Legion Bufffood for faster running.

I am talking about the Bear Tatare. "If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and sprint for a short time after killing an enemy."

This means that after killing one enemy you will sprint for 5 seconds with 70% more speed. This is perfect for dungeons without mounts.

It requires Level 101 to use so it also works for leveling in Legion. I am loving it in bonus zones.

You can cook it for your self or buy it from the auction house.


Every day we receive new infos about Patch 7.2 and the possibility to craft legendary Items with Blacksmithing, Tailoring and Leatherworking.

The most important fact is, that  these Items are still "Bind on equip"  and require only Level 101! At least now your alarm bells should ring! At the moment we are selling Level 101 gear with 850-870 ilvl  for about 100-200k  gold.

With this patch we are able to sell ilvl 910 gear! Only problem is that everyone is going to craft them and prices will fall.

We are able to get Nethershard Essence from a vendor for 8000 Nethershards. We have to farm these shards during invasions on the broken isles.  For legendary materials like Bolt of Shadowcloth we have to do a view dungeons and raids.

Your profession quest chain starts with: Fashion History and Philosophy of Style


If these legendary Items are still BoE on Release of Patch 7.2 there should be good market for 101 twinks!


Description:  Farmit on Curse#

Actively monitor how much you have of any currency or item (including what's in your bank) with custom farming objectives.  Receive notifications as you progress, and hear the familiar "quest completed" sound when you reach your goal amount. FarmIt is a "set it and forget it" farming tool.  Be creative and play around with different bar setups... there are many ways FarmIt can make your life a little easier!  FOR EXAMPLE:

--- Skinning ---

1)  Place a [Raw Beast Hide Scraps] on the item tracking bar, then Ctrl-Click the slot and set the farming objective to 10.  You will be alerted when you have enough scraps to combine into a [Raw Beast Hide] and can do so by right-clicking directly on the item tracking slot.

2)  Put a [Raw Beast Hide] in the next slot and set the objective to 25 so you can farm enough materials for your leatherworking dailies.

3)  Enjoy not having to think about the farming process anymore.

--- Currency Tracking ---

1)  Go to the "Currency" tab of your character window.  Click on the currency you are farming, check the box next to "Show on Backpack" and close your character window.  A currency tracking bar will appear at the top of the screen.

2)  On FarmIt's currency bar, right-click the desired currency and set the objective to the cost of what you want to buy.  So if you are saving up to upgrade your garrison to level 3, set a Garrison Supplies goal of 2000 and FarmIt will keep you posted on your progress.


FarmIt is your personal quest tracker.

Current item count is displayed in the bottom-right corner of each slot, and your goal amount in the top-left corner.  Optionally, you will be notified each time you loot an item that you are tracking.  When you reach your farming objective for a given item, the goal amount turns green and you will receive an "objective completed" notification.  You can hide some or all parts of FarmIt and your farming items will still be monitored. Item counts can include your current bank inventory without needing to visit the bank!

Bar orientation can be switched between vertical and horizontal.  The direction the bar "grows" (up, down, left, right) can also be changed, and bar length can be adjusted.  Bar visibility can be toggled individually, or all at once.

You can save a set of items from any FarmIt bar as a "farming template" for use again later.  FarmIt includes some built-in templates for each of the standard gathering professions.

Download:  CURSE

When im farming i need little goals so Farmit is perfect for that. My daily goal is to farm 500 Starlightroses, 200 Fjarnskaggl and 800 Foxflowers.


Your are able to make 24 bars with 48 slots but i think one or two bars are enough.


  • help Show the help window.
  • options | config Show the configuration windows
  • reset Reset the mod to default settings.
  • show {#} Toggle visibility of a button group, by bar number.
    Shows/hides all bars at once if no number given.
  • lock {#} Prevent a button group from being moved, by bar number.
    Locks the position of the entire addon if no bar number is given.
  • scale {%} {#} Change the visual scale of the addon, in decimal format: 1.25 = 125%.If a bar number is given, only that bar will be scaled.
  • alpha {#} {#} Change the opacity of the addon, in decimal format, from 0 (invisible) to 1.0 (opaque). If a bar number is given, only that bar will be changed.
  • alerts {chat|screen|sound} Toggle alerts ON/OFF by type.
    For example: '/farmit alerts screen' enables/disables on-screen announcements. If no option is given, the current state of all alert settings will be displayed.
  • tooltip {bar|button|currency} Enable/disable display of FarmIt's tooltips, by category. For example, to disable the tooltip on all bar *anchors*, you would type: /farmit tooltip bar
  • currency {show|scale|alpha}- show Toggle display of the currency bar.- scale Change the visual scale of the currency bar, in decimal format: 1.25 =         125%.- alpha Change the opacity of the currency bar, in decimal format, from 0             (invisible) to 1.0 (opaque).
  • group {add|remove}- add  Adds a new bar (there is a limit of 24 bars total).
    New bars start with 12 buttons (4 of them showing) with a limit of 48 buttons    per bar.- remove {#} Followed by the bar number of the button group you wish to            delete. This permanently destroys the group and all of its buttons!
    If no bar number is given, the last bar that was created (highest number) will      be deleted.
  • list Prints a list of all existing bar ID's. Useful if you have hidden individual bars.
  • size {#} {#} Set the total number of buttons available on a given bar. There is a limit of 48 buttons per bar.For example: '/farmit size 1 10' would configure bar number one to have ten total buttons available on it. Setting a bar to a smaller size will permanently delete any extra buttons. To simply hide some button spaces on a bar without destroying them, click on the 'quick size' buttons (+/-) on the bar anchor.
  • grow {#} {L|R|U|D} Controls the direction that a button group grows: (L)eft, (R)ight, (U)p, (D)own For example: '/farmit grow 1 R' sets bar #1 to horizontal mode, growing to the right
  • style {default|minimal} Choose a visual style (requires UI reload):
    'default' is meant to match the stock WoW interface.
    'minimal' is a clean look that goes better with addons like Bartender. If you feel adventurous, you can edit FarmIt2_Style.lua to add your own graphical themes.
  • tpl {save|load|delete|list}
    - save {#} {name} Saves all the items in a given bar as a farming template for use again later.Specify the bar number you want to save, followed by a template name (no spaces in the name).- load {#} {category} {name} Loads a saved item set (template) into the specified bar, by name (or category and name).- delete {name}
    Deletes a user created template, by name.
    To show all existing user templates, type: /farmit tpl list- list {category} Specify a category to list the available bar templates it                   contains. Categories are: WOW, TBC, WOTLK, CATA. If no category is given,         user created templates will be listed.
  • rebuild Rebuilds ALL data tables and reloads the UI. Only use this if you are having problems with saved data like templates, etc. WARNING: This will wipe out all your bars, preferences, and saved templates!

You want to skill up your professions cheap to 800 ?


From 05.03 (00:01) till 11.03 (23.59) the Darkmoon Faire has opened his gates again for us. Beside fun and play we are able to skill our professions cheap.

For example: Your leatherworking is on skill 785 but your profession book has no items to level up. Only rank 3 recipes and plans could help you but you dont want to search them.

Some professions are really expensive to skill from 785 to 800. The cheapest solution is the Darkmoon Faire.

Every Darkmoon Faire there is a unique Quest for your profession the rewards +5 skill points.


In Frostfire Ridge (Warlords of Draenor) there is a NPC called Nok-Karosh that is dropping 100% a Mount called Garn Nighthowl. Bevor the pre patch of World of Warcraft Legion only one Person in your group was able to loot the mount.

Now with the new Loot System (since PrePatch Legion) we are able to get Garn Nighthowl for all players in an 2-5 man group. Every kill means a 100% Mount drop for you and your 1-4 mates.

more information:  GUIDE <---

With the new Loot System many people are farming the two turtles in there Garrisons. What we also get is a massive amount of different fish. People are selling them for a few copper on the auction house.

There is a way to make a little bit more gold out of these fishes.

Just have a look:   LINK <---

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