In Frostfire Ridge (Warlords of Draenor) there is a NPC called Nok-Karosh that is dropping 100% a Mount called Garn Nighthowl. Bevor the pre patch of World of Warcraft Legion only one Person in your group was able to loot the mount.

Now with the new Loot System (since PrePatch Legion) we are able to get Garn Nighthowl for all players in an 2-5 man group. Every kill means a 100% Mount drop for you and your 1-4 mates.

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With the new Loot System many people are farming the two turtles in there Garrisons. What we also get is a massive amount of different fish. People are selling them for a few copper on the auction house.

There is a way to make a little bit more gold out of these fishes.

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Sommersonnenwende Kalenderevent US


From 21.06.2016 to 05.07.2016 the Midsummer Fire Festival World Event takes place in World of Warcraft. One reason for us to search for new gold sources. There are no new items since 2015 but the tricks still work.

During the event we need to farm Blossoms which we need to buy two pets from Midsummer Suppliers. These pets are up to 30.000 gold value during the year.

Where do we find these Blossoms? Just have a look:  Midsummer Fire Festival <---


Trank des Glücks pre patch US


Very very bad news for all gold farmers out there. Since the pre patch build on ptr it is true. The potion of luck will be removed from the game.

Potion of Luck allows you for 20 min  to find extra treasure from monsters in pandaria. Famous spots are: Guo Lai Halls, Townlong Steppes an  LFR Trash Farm (Heart of Fear).

Blizzard is going to nerf all famous gold sources like the garrison and now the potion of luck.

In Legion will be a new way to farm like this with shoulder entchants like Boon

Bronzewelpling US

The Bronze Whelpling  (Timelocked Box) was addet with the pre patch of Warlords of Draenor. With this patch parts of the Blasted Lands were taken by the iron horde. This NPCs are able to drop our pet the Bronze Whelpling.

You are able  to sell both variations. Sometimes the Timelocked Box sells for more gold than the Bronze Whelpling. The pet will be tradet depending on your realm between 3.000 Gold and up to 10.000 Gold.

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