Giveaway-Raffle: Shop Mount Celestial Steed

Better luck this time?
This month you have the chance to win the World of Warcraft Shop Mount “Celestial Steed” (worth 25€)!
The winner gets a code to unlock the mount. So if you already own it, you can just hand it over to a dear friend!

More information on the giveaway site:  LINK 

Good luck to all of you!

It’s all about Expulsom!

Another Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build was released and it becomes obvious more and more, that “Expulsom” will be an important material for us. Is it the new Blood of Sargeras or even Primal Sargerite? Right now, according to wowhead, it is used for 210 profession crafted items:

I need more details!
It is known that we can craft this item with Alchemy and get it also from scrapping Items with the Scrapper. Question is: Will there be other sources for expulsom? I guess it will be able to be obtained similar like Blood of Sargeras (World Quests, Missions, Professions).

At the start of each AddOn Darkmoon Cards  (Trinkets) are amongst the best Gold sources. Rank 1 of Darkmoon Card of War for example requires 10 Expulsom. For Legions Darkmooncards  pigments and one Felwort was required. If there is not enough Expulsom, going wild with crafting cards will be difficult. And other than Felwort, Expulsom is bind on pickup!

Transmog: Desolace Spot

There is a pretty nice spot to farm transmog gear in Desolace. In the west of the Cenarian Wildland in World of Warcraft is a small canyon full of nagas who are just waiting to be looted by you! Best way to go there is with a druid or a brewmaster monk (because of his statue) to reach a lot of nagas. The advantage here is the fast respawn rate of the naga, which allows you a high kill rate per hour.

Click this link to read the full guide:  Openworld Desolace

Thanks to Miralin for helping with this guide.

Zul´Gurub – Volatile Elements

The Volatile Elements trick in Zul’Gurub is a known one. This one is just old enough to be forgotten by the most of us. Because of that, viewer Miralin wrote this guide. Thank you Miralin!

Zone: Zul´Gurub – Northern Stranglethorn Valley
Dungeon: Level 85 (Heroic)

It is in fact one of the fastest and easiest Dungeon Farm Spots. You only need one character with a least Level 90.

I need more details!

The fastest way to reach Zul’Gurub for Alliance players is to fly from Stormwind to Rebel Camp, if you are part of the Horde, you need to board a Zeppelin from Orgrimmar to Grom’gol. You can only enter the dungeon if you set it to Heroic, but that shouldn’t be a problem.As soon as you entered the dungeon, just head left to the small waterfall. A big wasp is waiting for us there. We will take her honey away from her! So we kill her, loot Hive Queen’s Honeycomb and open it. Inside are 4-6 Twilight Jasmine, 4-6 Volatile Air and 4-6 Volatile Life.

The Price of Twilight Jasmine it not really notable, we are just here for Volatile Life and Volatile Air abgesehen haben. They are worth up to 70 Gold per volatile element.

When the Florawing Hive Queen is dead you leave the dungeon, reset it and head back inside. You can use this macro to reset the dungeon: /script ResetInstances();
Or you just use the Group Tool to get ported out of the dungeon to not have to deal with the short way back.

The wasp is not a dungeon boss, so we can reset the dungeon 10 times an hour.

Whats so interesting about this spot?

Well, depending on the prices on your server you can farm up to 2.000-4.000 Gold in just 10 minutes. Does not sound good? The trick is to log out after the 10 runs on the wasp and not log in for the next 70 minutes. Then you can go for 10 runs again. I have an alt there and everytime I want to do the runs – I do so. Its quite a nice income if you add it up over the month.

BfA Obliterum Forge 2.0?

Its pretty sure, that the obliterum forge was a big blessing for a lot of goblins here. I guess, roughly 75% of my gold was made through selling Obliterum. It makes the following question even more important: Will there be something like the Obliterum Forge in Battle for Azeroth too?

Some players discovered a machine named “Scrapper” in Zuldazar. You can deconstruct crafted items back to the used materials with this machine!

Someone tried to deconstruct Magnetic Discombobulator (an engineering mace) more than once and got 1-5 Monalite Ore in total. The mace requires 5 Monalite Ore to craft.source:

What meaning does this machine have? Is this a new shuffle method?

I can imagine you can craft Rank 3 Items cheap and make gold through deconstructing with the “Scrapper” to get more materials. Or maybe there is a slight chance to get a crafting material while deconstructing like Blood of Sargeras was?

In terms of leveling professions it’ll make a huge difference. You can craft 30 of them and get at least some of the materials back after deconstructing.