LAC Addon: PetFarmChallengeHelper


You may already know about the add-ons „Loot Appraiser“ and „Loot Appraiser Challenge“ . Those two addons took farming to a whole new level: compete with other players directly while farming ores/herbs or even transmogs.

If you were lucky enough to find pets inside dungeons, raids or even while farming in the open world, most of them were soulbound and could not be sold. But if you learned them and put them into a cage after doing so, you could easily sell them.

Loot Appraiser wasn´t able to put a price tag on such pets before caging them, therefore even the most expensive pets had no impact on your faming contests. There is a solution for this problem: “Pet Farm Challenger Helper” puts the same price tags on the actual drops as their caged outcomes would have.

Time to start some PET Challenges!


A big shoutout to Expelliarmus who made this addon for us !

We got a new pet at Hallow’s End: Naxxy!

There is a new pet we can get our hands on in this years “Hallow`s End” event from Oct. 18th to Nov 1st:

Naxxy can be bought of Wuam (located in Tirisfal near the entrance of Undercity) or Pippi (just in front of Stormwind) for 150 x Tricky Treat

Where to get those Tricky Treats? We have multiple options …


You can enter the “Headless Horseman” event once a day and get 5-6 Tricky Treats per day. Doing this every day on all 15 days of the event will net you between 75 and 90 Tricky Treats.

The daily quests already known will net u some more Tricky Treats.


I myself just go for the “Candy Bucket” quests we can find in multiple inns all around the realm. 2-3 Tricky Treats in each inn plus a chance for some “hallowed wands”.




On top there are some neat achievements for visiting each inn in a specific area AND (depending on character level) 40s to 9g per quest.

If u want to follow me gathering the Tricky Treats this way, consider using this nifty add-on called “Candy Buckets” showing you all the candy buckets on your map.

Download Curse: Candy Buckets

Does the BlizzCon change the Token price?


In about 2 weeks its time again for BlizzCon! The Convention Centre in Anaheim will open its gates again for thousands of players and will bring tons of news for us. The most interesting ones will be about the new World of Warcraft Expansion.

It´s possible that we get the chance to preorder the new X-Pac right after the announcement using the – and that way get our hands on a level-boost or maybe even on a sweet pre-order mount!

How will that case affect the token price?

It seems clear that in this case the token price will skyrocket again and maybe even break the magical 300k gold barrier. Sure, it will fall back a bit after a while, but I don’t think it will fall under 260k again anytime soon.

In my opinion now is the time to invest your hard-earned gold into account balance or gametime right before the BlizzCon Hype gets real. I don’t know exactly about the other Blizzard games by now but there is a chance there will be other announcements that will also affect the Token prices too.

We must ask ourselves now: “Where is the limit for the normal players out there?” – those who don’t farm on a daily basis or are not into the auction house game. For those players 300k for 30 days playtime will be a harsh mark to deal with.