It’s all about Expulsom!

Another Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build was released and it becomes obvious more and more, that “Expulsom” will be an important material for us. Is it the new Blood of Sargeras or even Primal Sargerite? Right now, according to wowhead, it is used for 210 profession crafted items:

I need more details!
It is known that we can craft this item with Alchemy and get it also from scrapping Items with the Scrapper. Question is: Will there be other sources for expulsom? I guess it will be able to be obtained similar like Blood of Sargeras (World Quests, Missions, Professions).

At the start of each AddOn Darkmoon Cards  (Trinkets) are amongst the best Gold sources. Rank 1 of Darkmoon Card of War for example requires 10 Expulsom. For Legions Darkmooncards  pigments and one Felwort was required. If there is not enough Expulsom, going wild with crafting cards will be difficult. And other than Felwort, Expulsom is bind on pickup!