BfA Gold with BoE Mounts

A few days are left until we set sail for Kul Tiras (Alliance) and Zandalar (Horde). In the next weeks are a lot of new farmspots and gold sources to discover. One of them are BoE (Bind on Equip) mounts that drop on Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

These mounts drop randomly from every enemy of a particular zone::

In the first days of the expansion they are supposed to give us a lot of Gold. So if you get one while you are leveling, try to sell them as fast as possible. I think we will start at 500.000-1.000.000 Gold per mount. As of now, there is no information about drop chance, but in case of Gefangenene Dünenaasfresser there are rumours about 1 in 3000 mob kills. Live Servers will show us when thousands of people play in that zones.

Personally, I think the mounts dropping in the horde zones (Voldun and Nazmir)  are prettier – and therefore more expensive. So maybe its a good idea as an alliance player to switch continents with Level 112/112 and get to Voldun to quest there.

And here are two videos from WTBGold – he already took a look at some farm spots:

Gefangener Dünnenaasfresser: YOUTUBE
Zügel eines gezähmten Blutschmausers: YOUTUBE