Fish to Pet Shuffle

With the new Loot System many people are farming the two turtles in there Garrisons. What we also get is a massive amount of different fish. People are selling them for a few copper on the auction house.

There is a way to make a little bit more gold out of these fishes:

Feast of the Waters


By cooking this meal you are able to get a pet called Leftovers. This pet sales between 1.000-5.000 gold each.

You are also able to get this pet by cooking other fish meals but there you need crescent caber fish which is still expensive.

So if there are cheap fishes in your auction house just have a try to get this pet.


Felblight Farmspots

In Tanaan Jungle it is possible to fish for Teufelsfäule. Depending on your server prices you can get around 200 – 600g (13.07.2015) for it. With the new profession system in Warlords of Draenor we can fish with skill 1 in the new areas!

You can only fish Teufelsfäule in fish swarms. There’s a pit around Hellfire Citadel that makes a good spot for fishing. In the image below you can see that spot. Around 2-3 swarms are located there. It’s getting more interesting with Cross Realm Transfer. If you don’t have any more swarms on your server, just switch the server and fish on!


For my test i took a toon with fishing skill 1.

berufe-angeln3After 60 skill points I had 4x Teufelsfäule in my bags. Like in any other farmspots to be lucky is important here as well!

With this method I got 12x Teufelsfäule in one hour. For the fishing experts among you it may be more, since you have better fishing equipment.

Depending on server you can make up to 2000 – 4000g this way. It gets even more interesting considering the fact that you don’t have a particular itemlevel to do this. So if you don’t have a Skinning-Toon, i recommend fishing.