At the start of a new expansion especially Mining counts towards the professions that makes you a lot of profit. Like seen in “Mists of Pandaria” there’s also a Mining Pick in “Warlords of Draenor” that increases the mining speed.

In Pandaria there were Sammlerhandschuhe, now, in  Warlords of Draenor there is Spitzhacke eines Peons.

The really nice thing about this pick is, that you can obtain it easily since its a hidden treasure in the Spires of Arakk.


The coordinates for the Mining Pick are 40,55! You don’t have to equip the mining pick to mine faster.

Analysis: supply and demand

This guide is about making gold with the Mining profession. For many players Mining is a profession where they fly through the world, bored as hell. But there is a way to make a craft profession out of this farm profession. You won’t get the profit of pure farming with this method, but if you do it for 5-10 minutes per day there  will be a lot of gold at the end of the month.

If you only want to craft with your profession you need a small capital and your profession should be at max level of the current AddOn.

With mining it’s not only possible to farm ore, you can also melt bars.

Since we don’t know which ore is selling well and which one is more expensive as a bar we need this site:

A more detailed guide to this site you can find here:   Guide


Example Picture from Aegwynn

What does this site tell us?

Example: Ghost Iron Ore

1.) Posted/day:  33.704 pieces of Ghost Iron Ore are put on the auction house per day.

2.) Sold/day: 18.956 pieces of Ghost Iron Ore are sold that day.

3.) Demand: 56% of the Ghost Iron Ore that were put in the auction house that day are sold.

4.) Now on AH:  There are 3193 Ghost Iron Ore in the auction house right now.

5.) Min AH price:  1g48 is the cheapest Ghost Iron Ore currently available.

6.) Item market price: 2g21 is the average price.

This site gets refreshed every 40-60 minutes. That means you can find a guide value there and not exact prices about the current prices in YOUR auction house.

As you can see, there are not only shown ores but bars too!

We take Trillium Ore/Bars as an example:

Crafting Trillium Bars:

2x BlackTrillium (4g96s x2)  / 2x WhiteTrillium (5g90s x2)  = 21g72s

Crafting Costs: Trillium Bars: 21g72s

Sale Auction House: 31g09s

Profit per bar = 9g37s 

Sold/Day = 1811,9 !

Of course you won’t always get Trillium Ore at that price. But it makes sense to buy all ores up to a price of 5g and melt it.

It only was an example, but with this way you can check on all the ores you want.

Another possibility is to “reset” the market!


Pic: Area52 Alliance

In this example we have a medium Realm which is a good candidate for ‘resetting”.

What does ‘reset’ mean?

It means you buy every single piece of an item off the auction house and put it back in higher priced.

On this picture there are only 12 Bronze Bars at the auction house, but 330 are selling a day. Thats why you buy these 12 bars for 1g per item and put it back into the auction house for 3g each.

But this method is “VERY DANGEROUS” and I only recommend it to players that know their realm well.

That’s what can happen:

You buy all of the Bronze Bars and put it back in more expensive. 20 minutes later someone is offering 100 Bars for half your price in the auction house. What now? Will you buy that 100 Bars aswell? Its possible that you run out of gold but your storage is full of Bronze Bars and you are forced to sell them cheaper that you bought them. It is okay when there are not much Bars, but when it comes to higher populated realms, ‘resetting’ the market is not recommended.

Also, do not push the prices too hard. If Bronze Bars sell for 1-2g most of the time, you can’t raise the price up to 15g per item. It may happen that your stuff will sell, but there will be much less buyers.