This kind of shuffle is also possible with professions like “Jewelcrafting” or “Blacksmithing”.  It’s all about using Inscription and Enchanting to craft expensive materials after farming them or buying them cheap at the auction house.

Step 1: Buy Warlords of Draenor herbs from the auction house and mill them. For milling one time you need 5 herbs and you will get 2x Himmelblaue Pigmente in the process.

Warlords of Draenor herbs:

In Step 2 you craft trinkets with these Himmelblaue Pigmente.

For one trinket you need 20x Himmelblaue Pigmente and 1x Leichtes Pergament.

You can choose between 3 items, but I recommend you the one for level 98:

In Step 3 you have to disenchant that item with Enchanting. As a result you should get  8-11x Draenischer Staub or  1x Glitzernder Splitter for each item.

Quick example: 

We buy  5x 200 Feuerwurz for 600 Gold (60s/herb) and obtain 400 Himmelblaue Pigmente. With these we can craft 20x Wildes Tarot now. After disenchanting we should have around 170-190  Draenischer Staub and 1-2 Glitzernder Splitter in our bags.

At the auction house we get about  (190 x 5g)+(80g x 2) = 1110 Gold.
That makes a 510 gold profit.

It is important to get cheap herbs! Use the trade chat to let people know you pay 100g for a stack of 200 herbs. Find other players that send you their entire garrison garden on a daily basis for set prices c.o.d. You can make a ton of gold by buying big amounts of herbs cheap.

Darkmoon Trinkets

Since Warlods of Draenor there is the ability to get the well-known and much desired Darkmoon Trinkets without the darkmoon faire.
That means, you can buy the cards from Ace to Eight from the auction house and get an itemlevel 640 trinket instant!

Trinkets available:

How do we make gold with these trinkets?

On the auction house, cards are cheaper than the trinkets themselves. We head over to the auction house and add up the prices for all 8 cards, comparing the costs to the one of the already crafted trinket. I have 10 toons with Inscription, so it is easy to craft cards myself and put them into unfinished decks.


For our example, we take Ritterabzeichen, which we need “Cards of Iron” for. We take a look at the card prices and at the trinket price.


With buying all cards, we would pay about 17.000 gold. The trinket sells for 32.900! That’s a 14.255 gold profit after auction house taxes.

It’s more efficient if you try to sell your trinkets in the trade chat.

“wts Knights Badge (640 trinket) for 30k (3k cheaper as auction house)”


This way i sold trinkets worth 1.400.000g in the last 5 days (25.11.2014) with a rough profit of 900.000 gold. Profit zone is shrinking more and more, but you still will be able to make gold with it. Have fun with selling them!