With Patch 6.1 Blizzard implented new battle pets as drops from bosses in the Black Temple, Mount Hyjal and the Sunwell Plateau. That means the amount of players farming this instances are much higher than before. Also, Burning-Crusade gems availability will increase at the auction house. Because of the higher supply and the fact that next to noone is using these gems means that they are at a selling price of 1g each.

Here’s an example from Aegwynn EU (11.03.2015):



What do we do with these gems?

I recommend to do the following: Buy every gem up to 6 gold from the auction house. Then you have cut these gems with Jewelcrafting. I try to cut 2-3 gems per color. Let’s assume I have 5 of each, 2 of them I will use for the auction house, the other 3 I will vendor for 6 Gold.

Cut TBC gems sell very slowly. But it’s a market you should not leave untouched. Here’s another example on how ‘expensive’ a Löwenauge is to buy and at what prices the cut gems are available at the auction house.


If you don’t feel like putting the gems back into the auction house you can just buy the raw gems and sell it to a vendor. For a raw gem you get 20s from the vendor, for a cut gem you get 6 gold.

Here’s a list of gems you should go for:

if your reputation at “The Scale of the Sands” is honored or higher, the patterns for these gems are available at the entrance of Mount Hyjal or on the Isle of Quel’danas (at the Shattered Sun Offensive – honored!). You can achieve the reputation you need by running Magister’s Terrace 4-5 times.

Location of the pattern vendor:


Live Example on Aegwynn:

At the time of writing this guide i bought 197 gems for 384 gold and cut them. It took me about 5-10 minutes. I got 1182g selling them to a vendor. If you put certain small amounts of cut gems into the auction house, another 1.000-2.000 gold is possible.

This guide is also listed under the category “5-minute-tricks”. For me it is a simple way on getting 500-1.000g per day. Of course it also depends on your server and how many people are farming and the sale prices at the auction houses. Just take a look at the gems and maybe you’re lucky enough to get your hands on them cheap!

Some YouTuber would write “Jewelers Guide – 8k/hour” – and it’s not wrong since you can get 700g in 5 minutes. But you never have that amount of raw gems in the auction house.

“The Shuffle”

How does a “Shuffle in World of Warcraft” work?  You buy materials for a low price and use another profession to turn it into something more profitable.

With the implementation of garrisons and each player having his own mine and jewelcrafters disability to prospect ore in Warlords of Draenor, prices for Draenor ores are very low. In this case, the supply is much higher than the demand.

But where one door closes, another one opens. In this case its about crafting dust and shards through enchanting by using ores with blacksmithing and jewelcrafting.

Variation 1: Jewelcrafting [WoD]

Jewelcrafter craft one of the following items:

Variation 2: Blacksmithing [WoD]

Blacksmithes craft one of the following items:

Depending on the item you choose you need:
60x Schwarzfelserz or 60x Echteisenerz or 30 of both.

With the Enchanting profession you simply disenchant these items. As a result you get 8-12 Draenischer Staub or 1x Glitzernder Splitter on average per item.

Here is an example:


  • 100 x Glowing Blackrock Band

Buyout prices:

  • 6.000 True Iron Ore a 50 Silver = 3.000 Gold

Sell prices:

  • 1 Luminous Shards = 80g
  • 1 Draenic Dust = 5g

The Shuffle of disenchanting these 100  items should gain around:

  • 850-950 Draenic Dust and  2-3 Luminous Shards

Sale = ((900x5g)+(3x80g))= 4740 Gold

Considering these prices, we make about 1750 gold profit!

All Mists of Pandaria Designs (cheap)

Each day new players learn the jewelcrafters profession. Once reaching skill level 600 it’s about learning the current Designs. This can be very expensive. With this guide I show you how to obtain patterns on a daily basis.

It’s not a secret, but to some new jewelcrafters its not familiar.

Under the category “Research” you can find the following items:

  • Secrets of the Stone (3x Spirit of Harmony) (Random Design)
  • Vermillion Onyx (3x Vermillion Onyx) (Vermillion Onyx Design)
  • Primordial Ruby (3x Primordial Ruby) (Primordial Ruby Design)
  • Sun’s Radiance (3x Sun’s Radiance) (Sun’s Radiance Design)
  • River’s Heart (3x River’s Heart) (River’s Heart Design)
  • Imperial Amethyst (3x Imperial Amethyst ) (Imperial Amethyst Design)
  • Wild Jade (3x Wild Jade) (Wild Jade Design)

All researches except ‘Secrets of the Stone’ are on a 24 hour cooldown. If you have a lot of Spirits of Harmony and want to pursue patterns faster you can spend them. But if you just want to save some gold you learn your patterns another way:

Research: River’s Heart
You need 3 River’s Heart and will learn the following Designs:

  • Rigid River’s Heart
  • Solid River’s Heart
  • Sparkling River’s Heart
  • Stormy River’s Heart

If you know these four patterns you can learn a random Mists of Pandaria pattern every time you use this cooldown.

Why is this cheap? River’s Heart only cost about 5-15g. Imperial Amethyst’s are at  40-80g per gem.

So if you’re not in a hurry you can learn all patterns pretty cheaply.

Jasper/Alicite/Carnelian —> Hypnotic Dust


How can you craft Hypnotic Dust with Northrend gems?
All you need is:

  • Jewelcrafting (425)
  • Enchanting (425)
  • Small seed money

First you look at the prices of Jasper, Alicite, Carnelian and Hypnotic Dust!

EU average is:

  • Jasper 5-12g
  • Alicite 3-8g
  • Carnelean 2-10g
  • Hypnotic Dust 8-15g

For the shuffle to get profits the dust has to be more expensive than the gems!

With jewelcrafting you craft the following:

Jasper Ring:

Requires 1 Jasper + Juweliersfassung. You can auction house or vendor blue proccs and disenchant green ones. You have a 75% chance to get 1-8 Hypnotic Dust and 25% to get 1-7 lesser celestial Essences.

Alicite Pendant:

Requires 2 Alicite + Juweliersfassung to craft. Vendor blue proccs and disenchant green ones. You have a 75% chance to get 1-8 Hypnotic Dust and 25% to get 1-7 lesser celestial Essences.

Carnelian Spikes:

Requires 3 Carnelian + 3 Juweliersfassungen. Disenchant it! You have a 75% chance to get 2-5 Celestial Essence and a 25% chance to get 1-10 Hypnotic Dust.


  • Jasper = 10g
  • Alicite = 6g
  • Hypnotic Dust = 13g

Buyout:   10x Jasper for 100g, also 20 Alicite for 120g + 20 Juweliersfassungen (30g) 

Costs = 250g

Now let’s craft 10 Jasper Rings and 10 Alicite Pendants and disenchant them.

Considering we only get Hypnotic Dust we have 20 Dust. Since we have a chance to gain between 1-8  dust it’s around 30 on average.

Sell:  20x Hypnotic Dust0 = 260g, for 30 dust = 390g  etc.

You have a chance of 25% that you get celestial essences, but then again you can have lucky disenchants that provide you 4-6 hypnotic dust!

If there is no Jasper, Alicite or Carnelian in your auction house you can try to prospect Elementium, Obsidium or Pyrite Ore.

I recomment to lay your eyes on Jasper. Just use Alicite and Carnelian if they are really cheap at your auction house.