I repeatedly show this shuffle on my stream, so here is my guide.

How does a “Shuffle in World of Warcraft” work?  You buy materials for a low price and use another profession to turn it into something more profitable.

With the implementation of garrisons and each player having his own mine and jewelcrafters disability to prospect ore in Warlords of Draenor, prices for Draenor ores are very low. In this case, the supply is much higher than the demand.

But where one door closes, another one opens. In this case its about crafting dust and shards through enchanting by using ores with blacksmithing and jewelcrafting.

Variation 1: Jewelcrafting [WoD]

Jewelcrafter craft one of the following items:

Variation 2: Blacksmithing [WoD]

Blacksmithes craft one of the following items:

Depending on the item you choose you need:
60x Schwarzfelserz or 60x Echteisenerz or 30 of both.

With the Enchanting profession you simply disenchant that items. As a result you get 8-12 Draenischer Staub or 1x Glitzernder Splitter per item average.

Here is an example:


  • 100 x Glowing Blackrock Band

Buy prices:

  • 6.000 True Iron Ore a 50 Silver = 3.000 Gold

Sell prices:

  • 1 Luminous Shards = 80g
  • 1 Draenic Dust = 5g

The Shuffle “Ore – Glowing Blackrock Band – disenchanting – Dust/Shards” for 100 items should get you around:

  • 850-950 Draenic Dust and 2-3 Luminous Shards

Sale = ((900x5g)+(3x80g))= 4740 Gold

Considering the prices above, this makes us a profit of 1740 gold!

Variation 3: Tailor [Hypnotic Dust – Cataclysm]


In this guide it’s all about creating Hypnotic Dust from Embersilk Cloth with Tailoring and Enchanting!

You need:

  • Profession Tailoring (445)
  • Profession Enchanting (425)
  • Embersilk Cloth
  • Eternium Thread

On many realms in WoW, Embersilk Cloth is very cheap. Suddenly the farmspot in the Twilight Highlands got nerfed on the 14th of May. At this point, we know nothing about the prices of Embersilk Cloth in the future.

The prices for Hypnotic dust are at 8.15g each on EU Realms.


First of all, your tailor crafts this item:

Todesseidenarmschienen (You can get that recipe from your tailoring trainer)


  • 2 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth (10 Embersilk Cloth)
  • 2 Eternium Threads

You then disenchant this item with Enchanting (425+)


  • 1-7 Hypnotic Dust
  • 1-6 Lesser Celestial Essence

The profit margin really depends on the prices of the Embersilk Cloth and the Hypnotic Dust.


Embersilk Cloth: 80 Silver
Hypnotic Dust: 13 Gold
Eternium Thread: 2g

Crafting costs = (10x80Silver)+2x2g ) = 12g  for one pair of Bracers


Variation 1:  1x Hypnotic Dust ( + 1g profit)
Variation 2:  2x Hypnotic Dust ( + 14g profit)
Variation 3:  3x Hypnotic Dust ( + 27g profit)
Variation 4:  3x Lesser Celestial Essence ( – 8g loss)

As you can see, there is a risk (according to wowhead) of 31% that you get a Lesser Celestial Essence. This Essence is traded at 2-5 gold average.

If you’re farming Embersilk Cloth yourself and the prices are low you can raise your income with this guide. Have fun with it!