Description:  Farmit on Curse#

Actively monitor how much you have of any currency or item (including what’s in your bank) with custom farming objectives.  Receive notifications as you progress, and hear the familiar “quest completed” sound when you reach your goal amount. FarmIt is a “set it and forget it” farming tool.  Be creative and play around with different bar setups… there are many ways FarmIt can make your life a little easier!  FOR EXAMPLE:

— Skinning —

1)  Place a [Raw Beast Hide Scraps] on the item tracking bar, then Ctrl-Click the slot and set the farming objective to 10.  You will be alerted when you have enough scraps to combine into a [Raw Beast Hide] and can do so by right-clicking directly on the item tracking slot.

2)  Put a [Raw Beast Hide] in the next slot and set the objective to 25 so you can farm enough materials for your leatherworking dailies.

3)  Enjoy not having to think about the farming process anymore.

— Currency Tracking —

1)  Go to the “Currency” tab of your character window.  Click on the currency you are farming, check the box next to “Show on Backpack” and close your character window.  A currency tracking bar will appear at the top of the screen.

2)  On FarmIt’s currency bar, right-click the desired currency and set the objective to the cost of what you want to buy.  So if you are saving up to upgrade your garrison to level 3, set a Garrison Supplies goal of 2000 and FarmIt will keep you posted on your progress.


FarmIt is your personal quest tracker.

Current item count is displayed in the bottom-right corner of each slot, and your goal amount in the top-left corner.  Optionally, you will be notified each time you loot an item that you are tracking.  When you reach your farming objective for a given item, the goal amount turns green and you will receive an “objective completed” notification.  You can hide some or all parts of FarmIt and your farming items will still be monitored. Item counts can include your current bank inventory without needing to visit the bank!

Bar orientation can be switched between vertical and horizontal.  The direction the bar “grows” (up, down, left, right) can also be changed, and bar length can be adjusted.  Bar visibility can be toggled individually, or all at once.

You can save a set of items from any FarmIt bar as a “farming template” for use again later.  FarmIt includes some built-in templates for each of the standard gathering professions.

Download:  CURSE

When im farming i need little goals so Farmit is perfect for that. My daily goal is to farm 500 Starlightroses, 200 Fjarnskaggl and 800 Foxflowers.

Your are able to make 24 bars with 48 slots but i think one or two bars are enough.


  • help Show the help window.
  • options | config Show the configuration windows
  • reset Reset the mod to default settings.
  • show {#} Toggle visibility of a button group, by bar number.
    Shows/hides all bars at once if no number given.
  • lock {#} Prevent a button group from being moved, by bar number.
    Locks the position of the entire addon if no bar number is given.
  • scale {%} {#} Change the visual scale of the addon, in decimal format: 1.25 = 125%.If a bar number is given, only that bar will be scaled.
  • alpha {#} {#} Change the opacity of the addon, in decimal format, from 0 (invisible) to 1.0 (opaque). If a bar number is given, only that bar will be changed.
  • alerts {chat|screen|sound} Toggle alerts ON/OFF by type.
    For example: ‘/farmit alerts screen’ enables/disables on-screen announcements. If no option is given, the current state of all alert settings will be displayed.
  • tooltip {bar|button|currency} Enable/disable display of FarmIt’s tooltips, by category. For example, to disable the tooltip on all bar *anchors*, you would type: /farmit tooltip bar
  • currency {show|scale|alpha}– show Toggle display of the currency bar.– scale Change the visual scale of the currency bar, in decimal format: 1.25 =         125%.– alpha Change the opacity of the currency bar, in decimal format, from 0             (invisible) to 1.0 (opaque).
  • group {add|remove}– add  Adds a new bar (there is a limit of 24 bars total).
    New bars start with 12 buttons (4 of them showing) with a limit of 48 buttons    per bar.– remove {#} Followed by the bar number of the button group you wish to            delete. This permanently destroys the group and all of its buttons!
    If no bar number is given, the last bar that was created (highest number) will      be deleted.
  • list Prints a list of all existing bar ID’s. Useful if you have hidden individual bars.
  • size {#} {#} Set the total number of buttons available on a given bar. There is a limit of 48 buttons per bar.For example: ‘/farmit size 1 10’ would configure bar number one to have ten total buttons available on it. Setting a bar to a smaller size will permanently delete any extra buttons. To simply hide some button spaces on a bar without destroying them, click on the ‘quick size’ buttons (+/-) on the bar anchor.
  • grow {#} {L|R|U|D} Controls the direction that a button group grows: (L)eft, (R)ight, (U)p, (D)own For example: ‘/farmit grow 1 R’ sets bar #1 to horizontal mode, growing to the right
  • style {default|minimal} Choose a visual style (requires UI reload):
    ‘default’ is meant to match the stock WoW interface.
    ‘minimal’ is a clean look that goes better with addons like Bartender. If you feel adventurous, you can edit FarmIt2_Style.lua to add your own graphical themes.
  • tpl {save|load|delete|list}
    – save {#} {name} Saves all the items in a given bar as a farming template for use again later.Specify the bar number you want to save, followed by a template name (no spaces in the name).– load {#} {category} {name} Loads a saved item set (template) into the specified bar, by name (or category and name).– delete {name}
    Deletes a user created template, by name.
    To show all existing user templates, type: /farmit tpl list- list {category} Specify a category to list the available bar templates it                   contains. Categories are: WOW, TBC, WOTLK, CATA. If no category is given,         user created templates will be listed.
  • rebuild Rebuilds ALL data tables and reloads the UI. Only use this if you are having problems with saved data like templates, etc. WARNING: This will wipe out all your bars, preferences, and saved templates!



There are NPCs in World of Warcraft that sell us recipes, plans or crafting materials for cheap money. But because of not knowing or because of the laziness of some players these items can be sold on the auction house for 100 or 1000 times their price.

But where are these NPCs and which items are worth buying?

One WoW player wrote an AddOn that handles this topic very well. All you need is NicornVendors und TomTom.

Download NiconVendors

How the AddOn looks:


As you can see in the image above the vendors are marked as green dots. If you hover over these points with your cursor it shows you the name of the vendor and what items you should buy. With TomTom’s aid you don’t even have to open your map, just fly in the direction the arrow points to.

/nv = menu of NicornVendors
/nv reset = all waypoints get reset

Depending on the market and your competitors you can make a lot of gold on your server with this niche. This ‘form’ of farming is only for players that like to experiment.

The developer of the AddOn released a video on his AddOn:

Cross Realm Assist

For quite some time World of Warcraft offers the possibility to play with friends and players from other realms. All members of the party get transferred to the group leaders server.

Blizzard took the whole thing one step further and implemented the Group Finder. This tool lists all groups other players created for raid groups, quest groups or farming groups. The Group finder is also popular for rares, world bosses and garrison vendors.

Using that tool it is very easy and fast to transfer to different servers.
To not have to do it yourself and to automatically join the group using the click of a button Cross Realm Assist was developed.

Download CrossRealmAssist on curse


Access the tool via the icon on the minimap (red circle) and the tool opens up. If you click on the cog wheel you can config this AddOn. The category “Quick Join” sets the range the tool will search for groups for you.  (i.e. Custom, Ashran, Questing, Raids or Battlegrounds).

If you set up everything, press the “Quick Join” button.  CRS will now look for groups in your chosen category that have auto invite activated and signs you up. After a few seconds your request gets accepted, you’re in the group and will get transferred.


If you are done and killed the mob or whatever was the reason for switching realms, you can quickly leave the group by pressing “Leave Group” and join a new group. From time to time you have to rescan the groups so the tool can list new groups.

The Manual Join Funktion is the same as the Blizzard Tool provides.

What does this AddOn do for me?

With this addon you are faster when it comes to farming mobs or simple farming. As an example, Zandalari Warbringer. Just reach the spawn point and jump with the “Quick Join” Button from server to server. It takes next to no time to farm!

Loot Appraiser

What is Loot Appraiser:

Loot Appraiser was developed from a player that likes to farm gold as much as we do! Since he was farming plenty of transmog items he had an idea of a tool that lists your lootet items value instantly the time you loot it.


How does it set the value?

To make this AddOn run you need to install TradeSkillMaster. I recommend the TSM Desktop App.

Loot Appraiser uses TradeSkillMasters data. It extracts the item values from this data.

How do I “farm” with it?

In the picture below you can see an example on how it may look. You can see the different buttons and the functionalities.

As soon as you loot an item, a  window appears that’s asking if you want to start LA (Loot Appraiser) – or not. If you click yes the window opens. If you have set everything up, you can start farming.

Important: Auto-loot has to be enabled!

Why would I need that?

Many players are farming mounts or running old raids for fun. Valuable items can drop that they don’t even recognize! Loot Appraiser solves this problem, since it shows the item value immediately.

Let’s pretend someone farms  Ahn´Qiraj (raid) because he wants a pet from Boss C. During this run the trash drops a  Glorreiche Brustplatte which is traded for 3000-5000g. Many don’t know that and vendor it for 3g.

Loot Appraiser sends you a warning und you can see that this item has an item value of 5000g.


The screen “Looted Item Value”  that shows 10.000-70.000 Gold after an hour of farming is no garanty that you get that much gold for it! It only means that the items you looted have this value of i.e. 50.000 Gold.

You have to post these items on the auction house and wait for it to get sold. Transmog items are difficult to sell, some may be sold after 1-2 tries, others take 4-5 months to sell.

Price Sources:

  • AuctionDB: Global Historical Price
  • AuctionDB: Global Market Value Avg
  • AuctionDB: Global Min Buyout Avg
  • AuctionDB: Global Sale Average
  • AuctionDB: Global Historial Price
  • AuctionDB: Global Market Value
  • AuctionDB: Min Buyout
  • Wowuction: Realm Market Value
  • Wowuction: Realm Median Price
  • Wowuction: Region Market Value
  • Wowuction: Region Median Price

As soon as you open the AddOn AuctionDB: Global Market Value is used.
I use this standard setup since the values fit very well.


/la      AddOn starts manually
/lal     Only the gold screen opens that shows the worth of your items
/laa    Gold alarm window is opening
/lah    Tooltips get shown in chat