Daily Pet and Toy Route (WoD)

There’s a farm route In Warlords of Draenor with which you don’t have to do much to maybe obtain 5 pets and 3 toys. These 7 items can be sold at the auction house for around 1.000-15.000g each.

In theory, every rare NPC except Orumo (game mechanics) can be farmed solo. Since drop is personal loot I recommend joining a group because it’s the much faster way.

Where do I get these items?
Diener von Demidos  

Diener von Demidos

This pet you can get in Shadowmoon Valley. Coordinates: (46|71.8)

Value: 2.000-8.000 Gold
Dropchance: 14%


Orumo der Beobachter Auge des Beobachters

For the eye you have at least to be five players since you have to step on runes on the floor to release the NPC.

He can be found in Talador. Coordinates: (31.4|47.69)

Value: 4.000-10.000 Gold    Dropchance: 15%

Pugg Warmer arkaner Kristall

In Nagrand in the Highmaul-Area there are 3 Rare NPCs which drop different pets.

With some luck, Pugg (28.5|30.3) will drop you  Warmer arkaner Kristall.

Value: 2.000-7.000 Gold
Dropchance: 10%

rukdug Vibrierender arkaner Kristall

You can kill all 3 Highmaul Rares solo. But I recommend a team!

Rukdug (26.2|34.2) can grant you Vibrierender arkaner Kristall.

Value: 2.000-7.000 Gold
Dropchance: 10%

guk Glitzernder arkaner Kristall

It’s comfortable if you can fly in Draenor.

Guk (23.8|37.9) can get you Glitzernder arkaner Kristall

Value: 2.000-7.000 Gold
Dropchance: 10%

Grabb Mortar

In Tanaan Jungle there are 3 rare mobs that can drop Toys on a daily basis.

One of them is Zaggund Hopp (88.2|55.2) which carries this toy: Mortar

Value: 500-5.000 Gold
Dropchance: 10%

Gondar Krachbummsteuerung

This little toy can be obtained from  Gondar (80.6|56.4) near the dark portal.

Value: 1.000-10.000 Gold    Dropchance: 10%

drakum Krachbummwalzensteuerung

Drakum sits on the first floor of a building at (83.6|43.6).

He can drop Krachbumm.

Value: 1.000-10.000 Gold
Dropchane: 10%

Darkmoon Rabbit

As you may know, you can obtain the Dunkelmond-Kaninchen when the darkmoon faire is in town. You have to kill a small rabbit a rare mob (43.331.220 Leben!) and if you’re lucky you can loot the pet off it. This mob is hard to solo, so you should use the Group Finder.

Here’s why it makes sense to farm this pet: Dunkelmond-Kaninchen is PERSONAL LOOT now! Until now, many players were victims of ninja looting. But with personal loot you don’t have to be afraid that anyone takes your rabbit with him. It’s the same system that hit the Highmaul rare mobs.

With CrossRealmAssist (Addon) you can camp the entrance of the rabbits cave with your toon and search for darkmoon-rabbit-groups. You can kill this NPC as often as you want and you always have the chance to loot the pet!

Current price (01.12.2015) for the Dunkelmond-Kaninchen is 30.000-100.000 gold.


Tanaan Jungle – Medaillon of the Legion

One of the goals in Tanaan Jungle is farming reputation with different factions to be able to buy certain items from vendors. To boost your reputations faster, Blizzard implemented the Medaillon der Legion, which increases your reputation with the denizens of Draenor by 1000.

Where do I get this item?

This item can drop off of 5 rare mobs in Tanaan Jungle. Four of them have a chance of 28-34% to drop it, the last one has a 0.08% chance.









If you don’t have luck looting Medaillon der Legion,  you still have the chance on looting one of 3 mounts that can be dropped from these rares. The one item you always get is 100x Oil for your shipyard missions.

Since these rares are farmed by everyone you better make use of different AddOns for the Group Finder. It’s important that you are at the spawn point of the Rare you want to loot when joining a group since they don’t have much HP and can be killed within 10-20 seconds.

The Medaillon of the Legion currently (03.07.2015) sales for a 10-20k gold each on the auction house. For every toon you have four times the chance to get one each day. With a lot of luck you can make up to 10-80k gold per day.

Activate your alt-army, theres gold waiting in the jungle!


Nagrand – Farming Rares

In the Dungeon Finder, there are many farming groups for Nagrand. Most of the times they are numbered like “Nagrand 3” or “Nagrand 7” etc. These groups are created by players to farm rare mobs in Nagrand.

What makes these Rares special?

Overall, there are 9 rares on the map. For players using Handynotes they are shown as symbols. These Rares remain with their Rare-Status even after killing them and can be farmed again and again.


How do I make gold farming them? 

The nice thing about this is, that you dont have to trade the items or sell them at the auction house. You just vendor them. Each rare drops 100% an item (Head, Tooth) which you can hand over to an NPC from the Steamwheedle Preservation Society. You get reputation at this faction and + 30g80s.

With some luck they also drop this item: Halb verdaute Tasche  (Chance: 29-31 % on all rares)

This bag contains:

One bag can contain 1-5 Kompliziertes Holz which can be sold to any vendor for 95g – 475g.

The Elixier des uralten Wissens is interesting for players who want to level alts. Reminder: The 300% boost only counts for characters to level 84 and not beyond!

Where do I hand in these items? Nagrand (50/41)


The procedure:

Fly through Nagrand, search for the rares at their spawn points on your server. If they are present, create a custom group called something like “Nagrand 11”. Soon, players will join your group and you can cycle through all the spawn spots. If you can’t find any rares on your server, just look into the Group Finder Tool for other Groups and join.

It depends on how much rares you kill how much profit you make with Kompliziertes Holz. After 30 minutes of farming I had exactly 12 Quest Items and 10x Kompliziertes Holz which made me a profit of 1310g (2600g/Stunde). But I tried it on a Sunday Noon with 7 Nagrand Groups existing and there were next to no rare mobs available.

Treasure and Rare Spawns – Warlords of Draenor

You may have noticed in the beta of Warlords of Draenor that there are a plenty of rare elite mobs and hidden treasures. It is important to know that they just provide you loot ONCE – after your first kill. You can kill them as often as you want, but you only get loot once. Same counts for the treasures.

What do these treasures contain and what do the WoD rares drop?
  • weapons, armor, trinkets and rings
  • mounts!!!
  • toys
  • trash items that can be sold to vendors for gold
  • garrison resources
  • pots and buffs

Head over to wowhead to take a closer look at the items:   Rares and Treasures in Shadowmoon ValleyRares and Treasures in Frostfire RidgeRares and Treasures in TaladorRares and Treasures in GorgrondRares and Exploration in Spires of ArakRares and Exploration in Nagrand

In my opinion it is worth to search for the spawn points since you can get really good gear for leveling.

Where are these spots?

Update: 11.11.2014!

You can download the following two AddOns at curse:

With this AddOns you don’t have to macro the coordinates anymore. Your map will show all spawn points.

Both AddOns have to be installed!

Hunter of Bones! – 6.0.2


With Patch 6.0.2 the World of Warcraft changed. Since 15.10.2014 you can now trade Giant Dinosaur Bones!  How does that make me gold?

On the Isle of Giants you can trade those bones for a pet and even a mount. The pet is already worthless but not many players have obtained the Bone-White Primal Raptor until today.

Thats because you have to farm 9.999 bones. Now that the Bones can be sold and bought many want that mount!

Wheres this isle?

In Pandaria, north of Kun-Lai!

Who drops that Bones?

Alle mobs on the isle can drop these bones. Choose your enemies depending on your gear. There are a plenty of dinosaurs leaving you with 7-9 bones and giant dinosaurs that give you up to 30 Bones per kill.

How long does it take? 

Depends on how fast you can kill the NPCs. In my experience it takes 10 minutes to get 100-300 bones.

How do I make gold with it?

There are 2 ways:

  1. Put stacks of 200 into the auction house. You will get undercut fast.
  2. Post an offer in the trade chat: “wts Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor for xxx gold”

But then you have to have all 9.9999 bones! If you are missing 5.000 bones that are sold for 30.000 gold, try to sell the raptor for 80.000 gold. Lay an eye on the auction house on how many bones are available and sum up how expensive 9.999 would be.

Wheres the raptor vendor?


Things to consider:

Prices are dropping since more players are farming. Take a look at the auction house if you were undercut. Price per bone is at 2-10g depending on server. You have to decide yourself if the prices there are okay for collecting bones or not.

Are there bonus items? Yes!

  • Ghostly Porcupette (You can get this pet for 999 Bones at the vendor)
  • Some NPCs can drop a primal egg. After 3 days it will hatch into a mount: Reins of the black, red or green Primal Raptor (cannot be traded)
  • Dinomants are dropping Zandalari-Pets. These sell very poorly for 100-300g.

Guo Lai Halls (Key farming)

Guide to key farming is located HERE.


Have fun with this guide!