Love is in the air

Like every year before “Love is in the air” hits the live servers from 02.02.2015 to 16.02.2015 once again. Besides different achievements you also have a chance of getting two mounts aswell.

To get your hands on a Große Liebesrakete you have to defeat the holiday-boss Apothecary Hummes, who is able to drop the mount with a chance of 0.03%. For the second mount, Schneller Blumenstrauß, all you need is 270 x Zeichen der Liebe.

To get one Zeichen der Liebe you need a Hübscher Glücksbringerarmreif which you can trade in at a event vendor in your capital city. You get Hübscher Glücksbringerarmreif by combining 10x Hübscher Glücksbringer which you can farm.

You can make gold by selling Schneller Blumenstrauß. Also, you are able to put the pet Liebesvogelküken in a cage and trade it.

As for every event the mount will be very cheap at the end of the event. If you don’t need the gold right away I recommend waiting until prices are rising again. I choose Blackmoore as an example. In the image below you can see how often the mount was sold in 90 days. The price was at 20.000g per mount. In this example 19 mounts were sold in those 90 days.


There are two options here. One, you farm the mount and get 100% profit. Two, we buy some of the mounts at the end of the event for 3000-5000 gold and sell them a few months later.

There are many spots in Warlords of Draenor where you can farm Hübscher Glücksbringer very, very fast. Don’t forget to meet Quixi Q.Pido to get Sammelset für hübsche Glücksbringer, otherwise you won’t get any lovely charms at all.

It’s essential for a good spot to be able to kill as many enemies in a short period of time. Here are some examples:

ca. 1500-2500 Lovely Charms per hour (killing wesps)

Ca. 800-1200 Lovely Charms per hour
(Farming squirrels in a cave)

Ca 800-1200 Lovely Charms per hour
(killing goats on a mountain)

This spot is a good powerleveling spot and is also a good one for farming Lovely Charms.

There are several spots where you can farm 1.000 Lovely Charms per hour. Just think about where you were able to kill many enemies that have a short respawn timer and test it out. Consider dungeons aswell!