On 17.4.2018 Noble Garden is starting again and with it comes a great opportunity to make fast gold. Our goal is to farm Bunt gefärbtes Ei.

If you open these eggs they contain one of the following items:

New in 2017 is the Nobelgarden Bunny for 200 Nobelgarden schokolade

We care about Nobelgartenschokolade in the first place since we can use it to purchase items from the Noble Garden vendors. You can take a look at the items in the image below:


As you can see you can purchase  the Schneller Frühlingsschreiter mount for 500x Nobelgartenschokolade. During the event the mount is cheap but later in the year it will be worth up to 10.000 gold.

How can I get many eggs quickly?

Azure Watch” near the Exodar is one of the best spots available. Just take a portal to Exodar and leave the city. You can see where to head in the picture below.




First of all, talk to the noble garden vendor that is centered in the village and accept her quest. She will reward you with an Egg Basket that you can use to farm eggs.

As soon as you do that you are good to go! Just run in circles around the buildings of the village and collect eggs.

It should take you 10 minutes to farm 100-150 Nobelgartenei. That means after an hour you should be able to purchase the mount and put it on the auction house (or keep it for a later date). 






Horde Allianz


Prices will drop during the event. If you don’t need gold right away just wait and sell it months later when it’s value has risen again.

In the picture below you can see my result after 68 minutes of farming on a high populated server. Besides the 500 chocolates I also got the mount. According to wowhead it has a value of 17.000g which leads me to a summed up profit of 30.000 gold.


Project: Swift Springstrider

Startbild Eng

I have started a new project called “Swift Springstrider“. After the Nobelgarden Event i have bought 12 Swift Springstriders on “DieAldor” and 8 Mounts on Aegwynn for 90.000 Gold.

Last year the Mount has sold for 3000-5000g  at the Nobelgarden Event and after 6-11 months the price was 30.000g+  Now i  want to test how mutch gold there is to made with my 20 mounts in one year.

At the moment they are all on my guildbank. When the price is over 15.000g i will start selling.