Feast of Winter Veil

Maybe you noticed that there is a huge supply of Seltsamer Staub in the auction house at christmas time. But where does it come from? During the winter veil theres a vendor that sells an item very cheaply.

Greller Winterhauchpulli

You can purchase an unlimited amount of this Sweater. I listed the names and locations of the vendors below.

Hotoppik Copperpinch (Silvermoon, H) 64/78
Penney Copperpinch (Ogrimmar, H) 52/77
Seersa Copperpinch (Thunderbluff, H) 42/56
Nardsturm Copperpinch (Undercity, H) 68/37
Wolgren Jinglepocket (Exodar, A) 56/50
Khole Jinglepocket (Stormwind, A) 63/70
Wulmort Jinglepocket (Ironforge, A) 33/70

Greller Winterhauchpulli costs 22 copper each. You can disenchant it and get 1-6 Seltsamer Staub or 1-3 Geringe Magieessenz. I did this with 101 x Greller Winterhauchpulli and got the following resultsguides-kalender3:


101 x Greller Winterhauchpulli = 22 Silver!


This trick is pretty popular and prices for dust/essences are pretty low at christmas. Just store the stuff and sell it during the year!

If you want you can of course sell it now. But you will be undercut pretty fast. In the image below you can see that there still is demand for this dust with “Warlords of Draenor“.


This is a graph from Aegwynn EU (16.11.2014-13.12.2014). The yellow line marks the posted Dust at the auction house. The green lines marks the sold Dust.

If you’re new on a server thats a nice way to generate some gold without investing too much gold!

Gold Transfer

Blizzard made 2015 a happy christmas for all of us. You were able to farm pets, toys, even a mount! We are able to make a lot of gold with that!

In this guide I want to show you how to obtain the gifts and how to make quick gold with them on new servers. In your garrison (Level 3) theres a NPC offering 4 daily quests. After finishing them you get 5 Festliche Vorräte that can be used to purchase Wildes Geschenk.

These gifts may contain:

In this (german) video you can see the quest line:

Theres another quick and easy method to make gold.
Since Festliche Vorräte are bound on Battle.net you can send them to your alts on new servers.

You only have to go to your level 3 garrison and can purchase the gifts there.


Of course there is a risk with of only getting 3 Medaillon der Legion in 10 gifts and only Oil or Apexis Crystals. But its an easy method to get your hands on seed capital.

Your event vendor also sells Krachbummtodesraupensteuerung for 5 Festliche Vorräte. The current price (17.12.2015) is at 3.000-40.000 gold (dropping in value).