In this category you can find a lot of tips and tricks on how to make a lot of gold with transmogrification. I will show you which items are profitable and where to find them. Using some examples I will explain how to price these items.

Transmogrification was implemented with patch 4.3. It lets us decide on how our toon should look and individualize our character without spending gold. Times where everyone stood in the city wearing the same tier sets are gone.

With transmogrifications introduction the demand for boe “lookalike” items that can be sold on the auction house was rising.

Many players are way to lazy to farm mobs for hours, hoping for the desired piece of t-mog. Thats why some gold farmers took their chance and started to farm and sell transmog items.

While being laughed at for quite some time now more and more players are interested. Rare items or items that are no longer obtainable ingame can sell for a six-figure sum!

You don’t become a transmog seller in a day because you have to have experience on that matter. You have to be able to decide which pieces will sell and which you can take to a vendor. Luckily, there are AddOns that can help us.

All information and my personal experience on transmog and with flipping, selling, farming etc. you can find in the guides in this category.