Welcome to our Style Gear Contest 2016

Friends of Transmogrification! It is time! Our 2016 Style Gear Contest will begin shortly. This year, we made the contest even more funny!

It will start in March 2016 and last until August. Each month we provide a theme and according to that, you have to dress/transmog your toon!

Of course there is a big price pool with 1.850.000 Gold in it!

What is Style Gear?

You can use all amor and weapons that you own or that World of Warcrarft provides. Nothing cuts your creativity!


1.) Take a screenshot of your toon from your LOGIN-Screen!
That’s the only way the jury can score your gear.

2.) Send an email with the image in it to As for the subject, choose your Twitch-Name, your Battletag and the current theme!


Our jury, which contains moderators, viewers and streamers will remain anonymously until the end of the event. For a bonus, we will announce one guest jury member that will rate your entries publicly.

Each transmog will be rated from 1 (not that good..) to 10 (best transmog ever). Each months Top 3 will be picked by the jurys summed up points.

To get the top 3 of the whole event we will add up all the points from all the 6 monthly events!


1.)  You only may send ONE PICTURE per month. (Don’t forget your battletag so I can contact you if you have won!)

2.) The toon on the picture HAS to be you. Winners will be visited by me to check if you really own your submitted transmog.

3.) Your character has to be on an official Blizzard “World of Warcraft”-Server on EU.

4.) The deadline for each event will be announced at the start of each month!

5.) Your pictures will be published on this page after the deadline. With your entry you allow me to publish your picture.

What you can win, you ask?

Winner of the whole 6-month event:

Rank 1: 500.000 Gold
Rank 2: 250.000 Gold
Rank 3: 100.000 Gold

Monthly winners

Rank 1: 75.000 Gold
Rank 2: 50.000 Gold
Rank  3: 25.000 Gold

Gold is only possible on EU Realms because i have no account on US Realms (coming soon)

When the jury has assigend all of their points and they are summed up I will contact you through If I don’t have gold on your server it may take a while until I swapped it over there.

Have fun and may the best man win!