At the darkmoon faire two vendors are located that sell “Replica” items from older sets for Gewinnlose des Dunkelmond-Jahrmarkts. These transmog items do not appear often at the auction house and sell up to 20.000g each. You need to hand in 50-100 tickets that you can farm in about 30 minutes of your time.

Our goal is to get those 100 tickets fast. There is a quest that rewards us with 100 tickets. Talk to Galissa Sundew and accept her quest. To fulfill it you have to buy Verblichene Schatzkarte for 100 Dunkelmond-Dolchmaul.

You can but the fish at the auction house or fish in swarms all around the darkmoon isle.

The Treasure Map starts a quest where you have to find 4 treasure at the darkmoon faire. On the second image below you can see the treasures locations as well as our goal: “Silas’ Secret Stash”.   This quest rewards you with Silas’ Geheimversteck. Among other things there are 100 tickets in this stash.

You can only do this quest once per character. But you can come back with new toons which have to be at least level 15 as many times as you want to. It takes about 30 minutes. It’s recommended to create a human or a tauren because there are portals to the darkmoon faire in Elwynn and in Mulgore.



With these 100 tickets we now can purchase the desired transmog item. Just look vor the NPC vendors named Baum and Baruma that are located in the middle of the faire.


Talk to this vendor and set the dropdown menu to “all“. Otherwise you will only see the items that suit your class.

You can now buy whatever transmog item you want. I can’t recommend anything because it really depends on your server what you should buy. If theres a chestpiece 5 times in your auction house you should not buy that and choose another one instead.


As you can see on the image above, Nachbildung der Robe des Gläubigen is purchased for 75 Tickets of the Darkmoon Faire and sold at 8954g in the auction house.