Type: Dungeon (18-21)

“Shadowfang Keep” is an Insider Tip amongst many transmog farmers. It’s all about quality, not quantity. There are only a few transmog items that you can get there but they are very valuable. In addition, the drop chance is pretty low. It may happen that you don’t see anything worth selling in hours.

Location: Silverpine Forest (Eastern Kingdom)


Process and farming route


Most important thing is to set the difficulty to normal since heroic is a lvl 85 dungeon and there is no transmog available.

You can farm your way through to the end boss. But in my opinion it’s just worth farming until spot 2 marked on the picture. After that there are only 5-10 NPCs that can drop transmog.

You can jump off the roof so you don’t have to run back all the way.

shadowfang-blade Item: Shadowfang

Value:  +20.000 Gold

Shadowfang’s the highlight in Shadowfang Keep and the main reason for farming there. Drop chances are pretty low but almost every NPC can drop it. This sword is also popular amongst Lvl 19 PvP alts.


2 Item: Duskbringer

Value: 10.000-20.000 Gold

3 Item: Assassin’s Blade

Value: 5.000 Gold +

Düsternishüllenrüstung Item: Gloomshroud Armor

Value: +70.000 Gold  (wowhead)

Barden set Barde – Set

This set it worth about 1.000 gold and sells very fast. Especially the boots!

Buccaneer set Buccaneer – Set

There’s clearly a favorite within this set. The chest is one of the most sold transmog items in World of Warcraft and worth about 2.000-3.000 gold.

Other interesting items: