Typ: Dungeon (35-45)

Uldaman is an interessting dungeon to farm expensiv rare(blueI) drops. There are greens but there item value is between 100-1000g. There are a few items over 20.000g  value in this guide.

Location: Badlands (Eastern Kingdom)


Process and farming route


Uldaman is a little bit confusing to farm because there are many ways to the end. On this picture you can see one solution to farm this spot fast and short. Im starting at blue and leave the dungeon at  green. After the reset i join at green and take my way back to blue. We are able to do this 10 times in one hour.


Transmog Uldaman ENG Ginn-su
 Transmog Uldaman ENG The Showler

This item is my Highlight of Uldaman. It looks like a burning torch. Peple like this transmog.


As you can see there are a lot of  valuable items but  i think only the ginn-su-sword, exavatorbrand, and the beacon of hope are worth it. Good Luck

Video in German