Type: Dungeon (44-54)

There are a lot of NPCs located in Zul´Farrak that, among other things, can drop the Jade Set, Tyrant’s Set or Sunscale Set. The dungeon is popular due to the fact that there is a large amount of NPCs and that means a higher chance on the desired drop.

Also you are able to ride in this dungeon!

Location: Tanaris (Kalimdor)


Process and farming route:


It is up to you what direction you head. Theres a red circle on the map where you have to open up all the graves. NPCs are hiding in there. Just open them!

If you are able to do one run in 6 minutes you can be most efficient. Because this way you can do up to the 10 runs per hour that are allowed by Blizzards dungeon cap. But you have to decide your own which route suits you the most.


Jade-Set Jade – Set 

Tyrannen Set Tyrant’s – Set

blutgeschmiedeten set Bloodforged – Set

Imposant - Set Imposing  – Set

Derb - Set Brutish – Set

formidables - set Formidable – Set

greifen-set Gryphon Mail – Set

beschützer-set Protector – Set

Zorn-Set Rageclaw – Set

sonnenschuppen-set Sunscale – Set

Other Style Items: