Type and Zone: Openworld Desolace – Level 30-60

There is a pretty nice spot to farm transmog gear in Desolace. In the west of the Cenarian Wildland is a small canyon full of nagas who are just waiting to be looted by you! Best way to go there is with a druid or a brewmaster monk (because of his statue) to reach a lot of nagas. The advantage here is the fast respawn rate of the naga, which allows you a high kill rate per hour.

Farming Route

All you have to do to enjoy some rare Items is to stand on a spot (Druid), spam Moonfire or Sunfire and after aprox. 2 minutes shift into your flight form and fly from one spot to the next to loot. If you are a brewmaster monk, just cast your statue and don’t forget to eat Bear Tartare so you can run faster.


You can also find Pattern: Rich Purple Silk Shirt (worth 200.000+ Gold) in these Nagas. Heres the proof from guide writer Miralin: