Type and Location:  Open World – Thousand Needles  (40-41)

In Thousand Needels there is a small cave with many NPC´s called “Den Whomper”. They are Level 40-41 and have about 5.500 life. In this guide i will show you all valuable items they can drop.  It is worth it!

Transmog Tausendnadelne Map

Farming Route

Inside these small cave you will notice that you can run in  a circle. If you are faster than there respawn i would recommend to use  Addons like ServerHop and CrossRealmAssist for server hopping to push your kills per hour.


Salzsteinset Saltstone-Set:


Verheerer Set Ravager-Set:

symbolset Symbolic-Set:

spiegelpanzer-set Sparkelshell-Set:


kriegshetzer-set Warbringer-Set:

Beständigen-set Steadfast-Set: