What is TradeSkillMaster?

It’s an AddOn package that can make your experience with World of Warcraft’s economy more comfortable. There are different modules that can help you to post auctions at the auction house or crafting items with your profession.  On the following sites I will explain the different modules so you can master your auction house, too!

At the first look TradeSkillMaster is complicated and takes several hours to set everything up, but you will get back the time you put into it. You’ll see!

As an auction house user there are easily 500-1000 items per day in your mailbox that want to be posted. With Auctionator or Auctioneer this will take you about 10-30 minutes. With TradeSkillMaster you can post 1.000 Items in two minutes!

TradeSkillMaster has it’s own database as well as an desktop app that collects global data. You have different professions but no clue which items to make profit with? TSM shows you the crafting costs and the profit per item!


Curse:  Download LINK

You need all of the AddOns (from Sapu94) since the modules are connected and only with all of them, can you use the full functionality of this tool.