The TSM-Accounting module tracks all your purchases and sales. It doesn’t matter if its an auction house trade or a face 2 face. There’s different data that shows you which items are sold fast as well as an overview of how much profit a certain item has after buying and selling.

If you’ve always wanted to know how much gold you make a month – then TSM Accounting is your thing!



This tab is about all your sales you have done up until now. To filter the data you have three more tabs for Sales, Other Income and Resale. Under Sale you can see all the items you’ve sold via auction house or trading face to face. You can sort them by rarity, player, name, group, type or time.

Other Income” shows you all gold you received from other players/characters.

Resale” is interesting for players that like to flip items – that means they buy them cheap and sell them again at a higher price. This way you can see how much profit a certain item has made you. Popular amongst “item flippers”!

Here’s a quick example: You can see that in my tab “Resale” that i bought  Windschutz des Berserkers for 20.000 Gold and sold it again for 70.000 gold. The tool shows you the profit and the percentage.



2.) Expenses

Expenses shows you how much gold you’ve spent on items in the last weeks or months. Like in “Sales” you can use different filters.

3.) Failed Auctions

As the name tells you – here you can see failed auctions. This option is interesting because I can clearly see when an item is not worth posting anymore. If you were not able to sell an item after 30 times posting it maybe you have to rethink your prices. (Transmog item excepted.)

4.) Items

The tab “Items” shows you a summary of the prices you paid for your items or got for your items. Also, it shows the market value and the summary of all items.


5.) Summary

Summary provides you a list of all tabs TSM-Accouting has. In my opinion this is the best thing about this tool, since we can see all of our statistics there. They are divided in Income per day, per 30 days and since you activated this module.

At the very bottom you can see how much profit you make a day. Here you can also choose a particular character or show a summary of all of your toons.


6.) Player Gold

 This tab shows you a graphical presentation of your gold. It’s interesting to see how much you make on different days or how much gold you make on patch days. Use the filter to only show certain characters.