This guide is about creating groups and which operation to choose to post items on the auction house. For a better understanding, I use an example.

How do I create a Group with professions?

If we want to use TSM to post our items on the auction house we need groups to assign operations to them. The AddOn has to know at what conditions you want to sell your item.

In our example we create a group for “Tailoring”. Therefore I open my jewelcrafting profession and press the “Create Profession Groups” button.

Now we’ve created a group for this profession. All tailoring items and materials that our character knows are now in this group. If you learn new recipes you just have to press the “Create Profession Groups”-button again.

Now let’s refine the profession group we have in our profile. We now go for classification.

We click on Crafts -> Management to create a group named “PVP Items”.

We have to assign our items to the existing groups.
All items related to PvP we add to the group “PVP Items”.

Next, we separate the PVP Item-Group into two subgroups. In our case, I sort them by their itemlevel. As you can see in the image below I already created two sub groups (458, 476) with “Management”.

If you ask yourself why there are items listed that have nothing to do with “tailoring” – the reason is that all items in my bags are listed.

It is important to move the items in the right order from group to subgroup according to their hierarchy. You start under crafts. That means, if you create a new group (PVP Items) you have to add the items to this group at first. And then to “458” and “476”.

How do I create a group without professions?

To create groups we don’t need professions. I get asked a lot how you can create a group to post only ore on the auction house without having the profession.

There are two ways: 

  • (1.) Items in your inventory
  • (2.) Import / Export

(1.) Items in your inventory/bags

Again, an example. Our goal is to create a group for  Schwarzfelserz and Echteisenerz.

We click on groups and create a new group named “Draenor Ores”.

Next, you select “Draenor Ores” in the Items tab. All items in your bags are listed here. In my case its only Schwarzfelserz and Echteisenerz . We add this to our group and voilá! Group created.


If you dislike the groups name or want to delete this groups you can do so under “Management”.

(2.) Import / Export

There are situations where we want an item grouped but don’t have one in our bags or don’t have it learned with our profession. In this case there is an Import/Export function. When flipping items that you use a lot. Players that “flip” items are buying them cheap at the auction house and posting them at a higher cost. To scan the auction house for such items we need a group before we even buy it, otherwise we can’t use the search function.

Creating a group always works the same. If we don’t have that item we can import/export it with the item id.

You can search for the item id on Just search for the name of your item. The number shown in the address field of your browser is the items ID.


TradeSkillMaster’s Homepage can help you creating groups. LINK <—

You only fill in your wowhead or wowuction link in the box as shown in the image blow and name the group. Then just click “Save this Group“.


TSM will then provide you an Import String which you have to import ingame under “Import/Export”.


The same way we can import the items, we also can export our groups including the items. This way you can share your groups with your friends.

For groups with sub groups you should check “Include Subgroup Structure” so your subgroup gets exported as well.

How do I create a “posting” operation for my groups?

We now created a group and want to post it on the auction house. To let the AddOn know when and where to post the items we have to generate operations. Again we click on groups and select “PVP Items, then 458”. The operation tab is showing by default. Just click on “Create auctioning operation”.

In the next step you name your operation. You can use these operations for different groups. So think about the name you’re choosing. In my example I name the operation “PVP 458”.

That’s an important point to get your items posted correctly. The tab “Create” provides the possibility to post our groups the way we want to.


Auction Settings:

  • Duration: Set the duration of your item posted at the auction house (12/24/48 hours)
  • Post Cap:  You can choose here how many items you want it to post. If you want 5 Temporaler Kristall posted you have to set it to five.
  • Stack Size: Sets how many items get posted per auction. If you set it to 20 you would post ONE auction with a stack of 20. If your “Post Cap” is 5 you will post 5 stacks of 20.
  • Keep Quantity: Specifies what amount of the item should remain in your bags.

Posting Price Settings:

  • Bid Percent: 100% means if the buyout price is 100g, the bid price is 100g aswell. If you set it to 90% the bid price will be 90g.
  • Undercut Amount:  Thats the amount you want to undercut your competition by. Since we don’t want to waste any gold, I would recommend to keep it at 1c. For posting transmog items you can set it to 1-5 gold.
  • Minimum Price:  Thats the smallest price you want your auctions posted at on the auction house.
  • When Below Minimum: Here you can choose what TSM has to do if there’s an auction that is below your minimum price. (Ignore, don’t post auction, post with minimal price, post with normal price or post at maximum price). For me, I post it with the minimal price or I don’t post it at all.
  • Maximum Price: Thats the maximum cost you want your item to be posted at. With transmogs, many people post their items too expensively and we know we can’t sell at these prices. To protect us from such players we set the maximum price.
  • When Above Maximum: Like with “When Below Minium” we set what happens when there’s an auction thats at higher cost than our maximum price.
  • Normal Price: Here we set the price when nobody else posted the item on the auction house yet.

Gold is taken by default. But since we sell crafted items or transmog items most of the time we need another price source. Ingame you can type in /tsm sources or you check TSMs website: You can find different examples there. In this guide series you will find additional information about different price sources. (soon..)

Some examples:

Profession Items:

  • Minimum price: 110% crafting
  • Maximum price: 400% crafting
  • Normal price: 200% crafting

Crafting: This price source is based on the posted items crafting costs. That means, 110% crafting cost is the highest we will accept.

Transmog Items:

  • Minimum price: 30% DBGlobalMarketAvg
  • Maximum price: 200%  DBGlobalMarketAvg
  • Normal price: 100% DBGlobalMarketAvg

DBGlobalMarketAvg: Thats the average market value of ALL WoW servers.


Interesting function: Blacklisted Players

There is a competitor that always posts his items insanely cheap? His auctions are always beneath your minimum price but you don’t want to change your settings? Then you can list his character name here. All auctions from this player will be undercut by you even if they are below your minimal pricing.

In my opinion is makes no sense to use the Blacklist. You can’t make profit with it. More than that, it is dangerous because you will post items for lower than the crafting cost.


  • Cancel Undercut Auctions:  With a Cancel Scan all your auctions that got undercut will be cancelled. I have checked this function since I don’t want to post too many items at the same time. So I cancel everything and post it again. There are players that have every item in store 5-10 times and never cancel but let them expire. (Glyph sellers)
  • Cancel to Repost Higher: To let TSM decide when to cancel an item and resell it at higher cost, you set the value here. An example: Someone posted an item at 100g. Your normal price is 150g, your minimum price is 95g. In this case you undercut your competition with 99g99s99c. After two hours the auction of that player has run out and you’re the only one selling that item. Your normal price is 150g but it is posted for 99g. Since we set a “Repost higher Threshold” of 1g, TSM cancels the auction and we repost it for 150g.


You can rename, duplicate and delete your operations here. If your friend needs your operations, you can export it here.

General Settings:

  • Cancel Auctions with Bids:  You have to be careful with this setting. Do you want an auction cancelled another player already bet for? It depends on your minimum bid price. If you want to be safe don’t check this option.
  • Round Normal Price:  If 100% crafting price of an item is at 145g75s50c checking this option it will show 146g.
  • Sounds: Choose between different sounds for successful scan, posting etc.



You can whitelist players you don’t want to undercut. If you have a deal with another player so you don’t undercut each other all the time, just put him on the list!

How do I post these groups on the auction house?

To finally post our items on the auction house we have to visit it. Hit the tab “Auctioning” (image below).  Now you can choose what groups to post. You can decide if you want to post glyphs only or other groups as well. As soon as you’ve decided, click on “Start Post Scan”.

There’s a button called “Start Cancel Scan” too.  All auctions (groups) that were undercut will be cancelled (according to your settings).

“Cancel All Auctions” simply cancels everything. Even items that don’t belong to one of your groups.

In our example I am posting my Draenor Ores group. My auction operation is: 5×20 True Iron Ore for 12 hours.

As you can see, the scan is done and we have to post our auctions. To not spam the “Post” button I recommend using a macro.

Info shows you how your auction will be posted. If your minimum price is above the cheapest item it will be shown. At this point, TSM uses the settings from “When Below Minimum”.