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In this guide I will show you how to manage your professions with TSM Crafting. You are looking for an AddOn that shows you what items are profitable to craft? TSM Crafting lists you the items you are able to craft in only seconds. You have no clue what materials are missing? Then just read this guide.

How do I create a Crafting Operation for my group?

To create an operation we click on the module “Operations” and open up the Crafting tab. We now can create a new operation. I always name them after their functions.

TSM crafting1

After naming our operation we open the General Tab. There we set the restrictions on crafting an item.

TSM crafting2

Min Restock Quantity:  That’s the minimum amount of items we want to craft. In this example: 1.

Max Restock Quantity: In our example I set it to 1. That means, I don’t want this item in my inventory more than once.

Set Minimum Profit  & Minimum Profit: I use this option to guarantee that I don’t suffer a loss. In this case the condition for this item crafted with my operation is that I want to make a profit of at least 10g. It depends on your decision at what profit range you set it up.

Relationships is not relevant for a beginners guide. It would just irritate you. Management lets you rename, clone and delete your operations.

Options -> Crafting

TSM crafting3

General Settings:

Profession Frame Scale: Sets the size/zoom of your profession window.

Profit Deduction: Thats the percent that gets cut from the buyout price when estimating the profit. AH fees are at 5%. So I recommend to set it to 5%.

Enable Smart Crafting for Quests:  For some quests you have to craft certain profession items. If you check this box it will be shown to you when opening your profession window.

Default Price Settings: Choose the price source TSM Crafting has to use. It’s your decision which one or what combinations you use. You can find all available price sources here: https://www.tradeskillmaster.com/addon/custom-price

min(dbmarket, crafting, vendorbuy, convert(dbmarket))  is set by default. It’s appropriate when you start using TSM. I recommend deleting “crafting” since it shows wrong the stats because of some items cooldowns.

TSM crafting5

Exclude Crafts with a Cooldown from Craft Cost:  

TSMs tooltip fits very well. If checked, if there is more than one way to craft the item then the craft cost will exclude any craft with a daily cooldown when calculating the lowest craft cost.

TSM crafting4

Crafting WITHOUT Groups – Variation 1

After you installed TSM Crafting, this windows pops up automatically after opening a profession window. There are 3 Buttons – “Professions”, “TSM Groups” and “Gather”. In this guide we talk about “Professions”. All items your character can craft are listed. You can click on “Profit” (boxed red) and choose between “Profit”, “Crafting Cost” and “Item Value”. Since we only care about profit we leave it untouched.

In this example you can see that Waffe – Mal des Kriegshymnenklans would make us a 217g profit if we craft and sell it now.

We now choose that item and click on “Queue”. Now this item is in our Craft Queue.


If the item is listed green that means all materials you need are available. You just have to click on that items name to craft it. Orange means you miss some mats in your bags and red means you have no required mats at all.

Beyond the queued items you can find your shopping list. Again, green items are available and red ones  are missing.


It also shows you the gold you have to spend and how much profit you can make with crafting and selling them RIGHT NOW. In this case 9500g crafting costs and a profit of 16.900g. Why do I capitalize RIGHT NOW? Because you won’t sell all items you craft immediately and prices are different each day – and so is your profit.

Crafting WITHOUT Groups – Variation 2

If you open /tsm there is a button for crafting on the top right. This module lists all items your character can craft. You can sort them by clicking on Profit. Be cautious with these values and don’t craft items blindly. In our example, “Simple black dress” is worth 10.000g. But you won’t even get 1.000 for it. Icy Set on the other hands sells for 2000-3000g per piece. Operation names shows you which items are grouped and which aren’t.

In “Materials” you can search for raw materials and change their price.


Crafting with Groups

It makes sense to group items to work efficiently and craft only our favored items. You can find a guide on how Groups work here: LINK  

If your group is set, open your profession window and click on TSM – Groups. All your groups that have a crafting operation attached are listed. At this point you can choose the group you want to craft. In our example I picked tailoring and hit the “Restock selected groups” button.

On the right side your craft queue will appear. Work your way through them step by step.


How can I change prices for single materials?

Until now all our materials have had the same price and the same price source. But sometimes we buy plenty of mats from the trade channel for a lower price.

Let’s assume min(dbmarket, vendorbuy) shows us a price of 65g for Temporaler Kristall. But we have a good contact and know someone that sells us these Crystals for 50g if we buy 300 of them. Of course we want TSM to calculate with 50g rather than with 65.

So we click on Crafting –> Materials and search for Temporaler Kristall.  By clicking the item a new window will open. It shows your standard price source. But since we want 50g, we type it in and accept.

As of right now, TSM calculated our crafting costs with this 50g.

TSM crafting6

How do I create a shopping list?

You now know how to craft and what mats we need. But will we remember all these mats? Thats what the third tab “Gather” is for. By hitting this button, “TSM_Crafting – Gathering” opens. There we can choose which profession or professions we need a shopping list for.

TSM crafting7

After clicking “Gather Items” a new window opens. All items we need for our crafting process are listed there. TSM shows us where to find the required mats (bank, alts, etc). This way you can save some gold without running to the auction house immediately.

By clicking “Show/Hide Options” you can choose if you want “disenchant” for the required mats or to get your stuff from your alts etc.

TSM crafting8

If none of your toons have the mats available you hit the auction house. As soon as the AH window is open, click on the desired item. In our case it’s Hypnotic Dust.

If you left click on Hypnotic Dust you can buy exactly 80. If you right click on Hypnotic Dust in your shopping list you can buy as many as you want.

TSM crafting9