What is Sniping?

Sniping is a  method to pick up cheap items from the Auction House Seconds after they where posted. For example someone is posting his  skygolem for 1.800g  than i will buy it because this item is about 13.000g+  worth.

There are websides like theunderminejournal for this but if you want true deals you need to be  faster!  TSM Sniper is the solution.

How does TSM Sniper Work?

This tool is part of TSM Shopping. TSM Sniper is scanning  all new posted items in real time. All we have to do is to tell TSM our settings for snipes.


John wanted to sell his skygolem on the Auction House. He was to fast and missed one zero for his price. Now Johns Skygolem is posted for 1.800g instead of 18.000g. At the same time  Gina started  TSM Sniper and cant believe here eyes that someone posted a  golem for 1.800g.  Gina was able to buy the golem and sold it  a few hours later for 15.000g

Tool Setup?

There are two ways to setup TSM. Options –>Module Options –> Shopping –> Sniper Options:

TSM sniper2


1.) Found Auction Sound:   TSM is able to play a sound if there is a good deal on the Auction House.

2.) Below Vendor Sell Price:  It will show you Items posted under there vendor sell price.

3.) Below Custom Price:   This is the way you  setup your searching price. TSM has to know what  price source you want. Sniper will show you all items below your custom price.

Operation – Group Setup

tsm sniper3

Operations –> Shopping –>  General Operation Options

You are able to include your groups for sniper searches. For example tsm sniper will search in this operation items fore below 50% DBMarket

The Search!

TSM sniper1

Open the Auction House window and look for the last tab “shopping”  Then push “Start Sniper” and it will search for you the best deals in real time.


TSM sniper4

Important:  Do not buy everything TSM Sniper shows you. You have to learn the market what really sells!

If you want to learn more about TSM Sniper  use this perfect guide: