How to sell transmog

On twitch, I can read a lot of stuff like this:

  • “Does transmog sell at all?”
  • “Nobody will pay 1000 Gold for a green item!”
  • “I will never sell my transmog. Wheres my mistake?”

1) Quality and Quantity

Most of the players make the mistake of only listing 30-50 transmog items on the auction house and then hoping to get half of them sold until the next day. Me and a lot of other gold farmers and transmog sellers do have 3.000-10.000 items on the auction house across various realms. It does not mean you have to do it that way – but if you have 1000 items listed, chances are higher you can sell up to 10 per day. With only 100 items listed, you have to be lucky to sell one. Of course, the sells are not guaranteed if you post more items. But i’m sure you have a lot more fun if you open your mailbox and 10-20 items are sold

But: The more you list on the auction house, the more time it takes to re-post them. You have to consider that. I have an extra account that only sits on the auction house to get that job done. He does all the work on the listings and I can play my main account whereever I want.

2) The value of items

If i start on a new realms, I am farming a lot of transmog from classic and Burning Crusade Dungeons and Raids. In the beginning, i start to post them if they have at least a DBRegionMarketAvg (Average value of an item on all EU realms of the last 14 days) of 500 Gold. All the other items get vendored. The time you hit a stock of 1000 Items, my value treshold raises to around 2.500 Gold. All the items below that value get vendored aswell. Newly farmed items that are above these treshold will be listed. Why? If I start over somewhere, I want to get a certain amount of gold quickly. Cheap items are great for that. Later on, to save time, Quality is better than quantity. As mentioned above, re-posting the items on the auction house takes quite a bit of time. At this point, I can recommend you the TradeSkillMaster AddOn, it makes your auction house work really a hell of a lot easier.

PS: In this video, i’m using DBGlobalMarketAvg. This price source does not exist anymore, so you have to go with DBRegionMarketAvg instead,

3) How do I know an items value?

The most simple thing is TradeSkillMaster. This AddOn shows you quite an amount of information in the items tooltip. In my opinion, DBRegionMarketAvg the best source. It tells me the price, an item was posted on all EU realms in the last 14 days. Why not DBMarket? DBMarket only shows you the items value from your server in the last 14 days. This value often gets manipulated. Some people start to post an item with a 500g value for 500.000 Gold on the auction house for several weaks. As a consequence, DBMarket is rising towards 500.000 Gold.  If you use DBMarket with 100% and post your item for 500.000 Gold, nobody will buy it.

4) Who sets the item’s value?

First of all, the value of transmog is decided by rarity and how they look. Some items like Minenarbeithut der Tiefen or Pendel der Verdammnis (they can drop in Uldaman) are worth millions of gold. They are worth so much, because they have a really small chance to drop. Other items are bought well because they look good. Best example in this case is the Glorious set, its legplates Glorreichen Beinplatte reach a 100.000 Gold value easily.

Most of the transmog items you can farm are from Vanilla or The Burning Crusade expansion. I don’t really know why, because some Pandaria or WoD sets do indeed look better but have no value. The most common transmog sets are the Glorious Set, Vanguard Set, Jade-Set, Saltstone Set, Tyrants Set, Ironhide Set etc.

You can clearly see, that the character are not wearing a lot. A lot of skin means a lot of gold.

From “The Burning Crusade” expansion, weapons like Klinge der Zauberei, Die Nachtklinge and recipes for different weapons are really valuable. The best example is Pläne: Teufelsstahlangschwert, worth 500.000+ Gold. These items are World Drops, you can find them in all raids and dungeons. I don’t know any Open World Drops, but that does not mean there are none. Another great transmog source are world bosses and rare spawns on Outland.

Verdammniswandler or Verdammnislord Kazzak (Hellfire Peninsula) can drop nice weapons like Hoffnungstörer, Lebensstab der Exodar or Nexushäscher des Astraleums. Rare spawns throughout Outland can drop items worth up to 50k gold.

Northrend does not have any valuable sets, as far as i know.

In cataclysm areas, world bosses like Julak Doom or Akma’hat can be interesting. First and foremost Vorlage: Strassbesetzte Sonnenbrille, which is bound on pickup, but the Item we can craft is not and sells for 100.000+ gold.

The most common transmog from Pandaria can be found on the Insel des Donners and on the Timeless Isle. Examples: Fanatics Set or Withered Set

Now that we have a lot to post we reached a point where we have to plan what items we post on an 12-24-48 hour cycle. The auction house fees for Warlords of Draenor items are extremely high. And the values of the items are really screwed up. A lot of the weapons or armor has an item value of 5-10.000 Gold. But they look plain bad and the chances of selling them is pretty low.

The best known transmog from Warlords of Draenor is Schwarzfelsbollwerk, worth 200.000+ Gold. Its an open world drop. Der Gürtel des Dämonen (200.000+ Gold) is an item that can drop in Hellfire Citadel.

As far as I know, Legion does not have any transmog items you can farm and sell.

While Legion offers you nothing, Battle for Azeroth is way more interesting. If we are lucky, we get an Item Level 310 Armor / 325 Weapon at the end of an island expedition. These items belong to a set that are sold for 100.000 Gold or more. MMonation has listed all the Sets and items.

5) Crafted Transmog

Another great gold source are crafted items from Blacksmithing, Tailoring and Leatherworking. I think blacksmithing has the biggest potential, it can craft weapons AND armor. Good examples are weapons like Wiedergeborener Drachenschlag or Teufelsstahlklinge.

6) How long do i have to wait?

I recommend not counting on transmog sells for your monthly gametime. Its a great market, but also pretty random. You have to have the right items posted at the right moment if a player needs a certain item. If this is not the case, of course you will not sell anything to him. There are people making millions of golds a month with transmog. But they are very professional at it and it really takes a lot of time.

Patience, in this case, is the way to go. In the following example, a player sold an item after 1040 days and made profit with it!

7) Who buys stuff like that?

  • The Stylist: For visual transformation, a lot of players in World of Warcraft spend a lot of gold. If you think about other games, where you can get skins for real money, spending gold in WoW is a great deal. And on the Black Market Auction House, T3 set pieces sell for several millions of gold.
  • The Collector: Some players really want to have them all! Not only transmog, but also mounts and recipes. Rare recipes for professions really sell for a lot of gold.

8) Which servers are capable?

If there would be a transmog server #1, all transmog vendors would transfer there and the market would get destroyed fairly quick. In general, Roleplay-Servers like Argent Dawn or The Aldor are better server for selling transmog. On high pop servers you have a lot of other players selling stuff and as a result, low prices. On low pop servers prices are acceptable, but you have no buyers. So there is not recommendation for a server really. Its up to you.

This is now a whole guide, but a small glimpse into the world of selling transmog in World of Warcraft.