Wicker Pup – 10-70k gold pet in 10 minutes

There are a lot of new pets in Battle for Azeroth that we can make gold with. One of them is the Wicker Pup which can be found in Drustvar.
It does not take a lot of effort to get it, aprox. 10-15 minutes.

We need to find 4 hidden items in Drustvar:

I need more details!

These parts are hidden in chests that are protected by a spell. Activate the torches and the spell is broken!

If you have collected all 4 parts, right-click them in your inventory and you get Unheimliches Zweigbündel. Learn it to get the battle pet Wicker Pup.

Depending on your server, this pet ist traded (30.08.2018) from 10.000 – 70.000 Gold.
The more there are available, the less they are worth – obviously! So if you want to make money with this pet, I recommend you to get and to sell it fast!