WoW Market Discord with lots of TCG Pets, Toys, Mounts

Trading with TCG  “Trading Card Game” Items gained a lot of popularity, thats why I want to introduce you to this Discord Server.

On the WoW Market discord you will find anything, from Ogerpiniata to Astralen Seelenhändler to Großen Blizzard Bären. There are less and less TCG mounts on the auction house due to them being worth more than 10.000.000 Gold so you won’t find mounts like Schnellen Spektraltiger or Magischen Hahn there anymore.

That does not necessarily mean there are none available! On the WoW Market discord you find everything you desire.

Discord Server:

Everything there is traded with gold, so it is legal!

And if you want to trade Gold from one server to another, you also find a category there.