Farming Professions & Enchanting Items for Goldmaking

A lot of us have characters with farming professions like Mining, Skinning or Herbalism (or even two of them combined). And it’s no secret that War Fronts and World Quests in Battle for Azeroth are flooding our bags with rare and epic items. Since they are bound on pick up we can’t send them to another toon to disenchant them.

To unlearn a profession like Blackmithing or Tailoring to skill Enchanting would be pretty useless because you will lose all the recipes of your old profession.

But when it comes to farming professions, thats not the case. Just like in Legion you can unlearn your farming profession, learn it again at some point and get back all of your gathering ranks from one of those books:

These books cost 1.000 Gold each and are sold from your BfA gathering profession trainer. As soon as you re-learned your farming profession, use this book and you will get back all of your lost Battle for Azeroth gathering ranks. Your gathering skill remains reset at 1, but you don’t have to care about that since you have your ranks back – thats literally all that matters.

IMPORTANT: All Mining Skills will be at 1 if you unlearned Mining and if you want to farm in Classic or Pandaria, you have to skill these parts of the profession again just like in Battle for Azeroth – but without perks from ranks, since they are none.

How is this a thing here?

If you disenchant an epic weapon or armor, you will receive a Trüben Kristall with a 100% chance, and if you’re lucky you can also get additional Umbralsplitter and Düsterstaub. For rare items you will get 1-2 Umbralsplitter + Düsterstaub.

Depending on your server, a Trübe Kristall is sold for 500-1.500 Gold and the Umbralsplitter for around 100-400 Gold. If you sell your epics to a vendor he gives you 50-60 Gold.

Of course theres no point in ditching your farming profession for two or three items to learn Enchanting, but you can store your items on your bank – that’s how I do it. And every 2-3 weeks I disenchant them all and sell the enchanting materials. Maybe that’s an option for you, too?

110-111 Speed Leveling with Legion Invasions

The Legion Invasions were a really good method to level from 100 to 110. And now that Battle for Azeroth started, they can also help us a little bit on our way to reach level 120.

Right now, level 110 characters still get  65.000+ XP per World Quest.  6 World Quests are available per invasion and they will take you around 10-15 minutes. So you just need 2 Invasions to reach level 111! Sadly, once your character reached 111 you only get 10% of the previous XP (from 110 to 111) for finishing the quest.
You can find more information on invasions at

By the way: You can take a ride on a Darkmoon Faire carousel (currently available) to get a 10% XP-Buff that lasts 60 minutes.

Wicker Pup – 10-70k gold pet in 10 minutes

There are a lot of new pets in Battle for Azeroth that we can make gold with. One of them is the Wicker Pup which can be found in Drustvar.
It does not take a lot of effort to get it, aprox. 10-15 minutes.

We need to find 4 hidden items in Drustvar:

I need more details!

These parts are hidden in chests that are protected by a spell. Activate the torches and the spell is broken!

If you have collected all 4 parts, right-click them in your inventory and you get Unheimliches Zweigbündel. Learn it to get the battle pet Wicker Pup.

Depending on your server, this pet ist traded (30.08.2018) from 10.000 – 70.000 Gold.
The more there are available, the less they are worth – obviously! So if you want to make money with this pet, I recommend you to get and to sell it fast!

WoW Token Shuffle

If we want to make money in World of Warcraft, the goblins among us love to do ‘shuffles’. As an example, to get Hypnotischer Staub we buy cheap Glutseidenstoff at the auction house and craft Todesseidenarmschienen from it. We disenchant the wrists and get Hypnotischen Staub.

How does a WoW Token Shuffle work?

Right now, a token is worth 190-200.000 Gold. If we buy them, we can transform it into 13€ Balance or get 30 days of playtime out of it.

Before the start of Battle for Azeroth, the tokens price was around 350.000 Gold. The token almost reached 400.000 Gold aswell.

Let’s consider the fact, that the token price is rising again with the Virtual Blizzcon Ticket and possible Addon-Announcements for Blizzard Games. The reason the token is so cheap right now is the fact, that a lot of players bought Tokens for real money at the Shop. The more tokens are ingame, the less gold they cost. Supply and demand is the keyword here.

So.. We now buy tokens for 190.000 Gold and transform them into 13€ Balance. When the token is at 350.000 Gold again, we buy a token at the Shop for 20€ and sell them ingame for the recently mentioned 350.000 Gold. That would mean around 60.000 Gold profit per token.

As you can see, the token costs 7€ more to buy then to sell. So if we buy them for 190k we only have profit if we buy tokens to sell for at least 292.000 Gold.

Of course this is pure speculation, but who thought the token would be beneath 200.000 Gold again? But the only thing important for you is to calculate at what point you make profit by selling the tokens again. If you consider it, you should take the risk! Worst case scenario: You have a lot of balance to spend for Gametime, mounts, pets and boosts/services!


WoW token ingame:  189.000 Gold  => 13 € balance!
189.000/13€ =  14.538 Gold per Euro. 20 times this number is 290.760 Gold. So if the token rises above that, you have profit!

The limit for balance is 125€ without a Blizzard Authenticator and 250€ with an active Authenticator.


BfA Gold with BoE Mounts

A few days are left until we set sail for Kul Tiras (Alliance) and Zandalar (Horde). In the next weeks are a lot of new farmspots and gold sources to discover. One of them are BoE (Bind on Equip) mounts that drop on Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

These mounts drop randomly from every enemy of a particular zone::

In the first days of the expansion they are supposed to give us a lot of Gold. So if you get one while you are leveling, try to sell them as fast as possible. I think we will start at 500.000-1.000.000 Gold per mount. As of now, there is no information about drop chance, but in case of Gefangenene Dünenaasfresser there are rumours about 1 in 3000 mob kills. Live Servers will show us when thousands of people play in that zones.

Personally, I think the mounts dropping in the horde zones (Voldun and Nazmir)  are prettier – and therefore more expensive. So maybe its a good idea as an alliance player to switch continents with Level 112/112 and get to Voldun to quest there.

And here are two videos from WTBGold – he already took a look at some farm spots:

Gefangener Dünnenaasfresser: YOUTUBE
Zügel eines gezähmten Blutschmausers: YOUTUBE